Sep. 5th, 2013

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So, nearly a year after passing the Latin exam, I still haven't finished my thesis. Meaning I still haven't finished my degree. But I think that I have, in fact, decided to skip going for a PhD and move on to other options. I'll be looking into my options for teaching Latin or teaching Greek & Roman literature at the junior college level. I may also look into Teach for America as a way into teaching. Because, really, the fact that teaching days could cheer me up from the funktastic funk of Plato should be a big clue about where I can do well.

I still need to look for a job where I am right now. And Istill need to finish my thesis and get the degree. It'd be a hell of a waste of time and money to not finish when I'm this close. I alsoneed to look closely at where I want to end up in the country. Odds are not good for teaching here in CA. And I'd like to at least entertain the dream of buying a house someday. Seattle would be a fantastic option, but it's another area where Latin maynot be in much demand. I should probably talk to folk I know who've gotten teaching jobs for some tips.

Hopefully, now that I've basically made the decision, I'll be more able to get something done. Sometimes overthinking things just means being paralyzed with indecision. This has definitely been one of those times. For entirely too long now. Sigh.


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