Sep. 6th, 2015


Sep. 6th, 2015 03:04 pm
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We've been in California since august of 2009. This is, by far, the longest we've ever stayed in one (relatively speaking) place. If home, this place that I mostly love, were remotely affordable in the long term, we'd stay indefinitely. But, of course, this is the SF bay area, so it is decidedly NOT affordable in the long term. Or even the near term, really. In three years, the rent we pay has gone up $175. The asking rent for new residents on our apartment has gone up $600. Tim pretty much blew a gasket when he saw that bit of info. We wouldn't be able to afford it now, even if we were willing to pay that much. Doing a search for apartments at roughly what we pay now brings up very, very, VERY little. And much of it far out of the way. I read recently that "average" rent for a one bedroom in SF was $3500. A quick search can't find a studio for less than $1800.

So now the crazy hits. Tim, already grumbly about our rent going up to what we were paying in South San Francisco three years ago, must have decided to glance at rental prices online. He is not happy. Simultaneously, the car he wanted to get in a year or so, all shiny and new, isn't going to be released in the states. More grumbles. Looks at similar vehicles, grumbles even more. "I could damn near buy an RV for that price!"

Dun-dun-dun. Cue new idea. He wants to buy an RV. And live in it. For a while, until we eventually leave the state and buy a house. If we still lived in a place with proper winter, this wouldn't fly at all. Obviously. And in many ways, it feels like a step down. On the other hand, we tend to live in crap apartments anyway. We wouldn't have to worry about landlords approving our cats. And if/when we move, we drive the whole thing away. Last weekend we went to an RV show, to see some in person. All nice and shiny and new. I'll admit, some of them were way better than our apartment now. Or any apartment we've had, actually. There weren't many used ones to see, but it was certainly informative in terms of what sorts of things are available. And the use of space. It's like one of the Ikea "small apartment" displays, only long and narrow instead of mostly square.

I'm still not sure how keen I am on this idea. But he is not above bribery to achieve his goals, namely in the form of buying a mini in a couple of years when we upgrade the current car. And being able to find an RV park, or whatever, near the beach/ocean, with plenty of fog and beach town feel. The man knows me very well indeed. And I suppose there's something to be said for the idea that it would be truly ours, in a way no apartment ever is. And it's not like I'm averse to living in a studio apartment, as long as the layout works. Sigh. The whole idea still feels weird, but maybe if I think of it as a stop-over before moving out of state .... hmm.


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