May. 9th, 2016

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Someone broke into Tim's work van. They took his Bag of Doom™. Looks like a New California Republic (of Fallout fame) laptop bag, but it's actually full of his art supplies. You know, so he can draw on the go when he has downtime. $600, at minimum, worth of stuff. His high end color pencils. His shading pencils. His new fountain pen. Pencil sharpener, couple of fancy pencil cases. I don't even know how many sketch books. His new journals. Hell, he's only had the fountain pen and the journals for maybe a week or so? His Nintendo 3DS was also in there. Both the item most likely to be worth reselling and the easiest/cheapest to replace. Except it was a limited edition version.

They didn't take his power drill, which was apparently on the passenger seat. They didn't take his fast pass. Or his bluetooth headphones. They couldn't get into the back area where all the tools are. Or maybe they didn't try that hard. So really, they popped the lock, got into his work van, and took the one thing that's valuable only to him. And the idea of all that art stuff ending up in the trash, because unless you're that brand of art person the stuff is fucking useless, makes me want to vomit.

And the worst thing of it is, he wasn't parked on the street. No, his van got stolen that way in this neighborhood once. So for a long while, he was parking it at work and driving his own car in to the shop. But he got moved into a different van, one that's shorter, and he figured it'd fit under our covered parking. Our gated, controlled access, complex parking. Meaning somebody who lives here broke into his van and stole his shit.

Gods. Fucking. Damnit.

There is literally nobody I don't hate today.


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