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So, this plan of continuing grad school is not going very well. I applied to 6 programs. So far, I have 3 official rejections, 1 unofficial rejection, 1 "who the fuck knows but it's not looking great" and 1 "they like to wait until April."

I was really hoping to have some sort of good news by now. I can't plan anything while this is in limbo. And I have an obsessive/compulsive need to plan. Once I'm not in school for something like 6 months, I have to start making loan repayments. I'll need to get a job, preferably one that actually pays fairly well. Granted, I'll have my master's fairly soonish, but ... this was not the plan. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to get into teaching Latin. (My half-formed backup plan, teach Latin in a private school.)

So, my mood is crap. Except on days when I'm teaching the baby Latin class. Then I feel better about myself and my life. At this point, maybe I should be taking that as a sign. *sigh* But I wanna dig stuff and study things that get dug up! *pout*

Here's hoping for some good news. Preferably soon.
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