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I'm seriously considering a new haircut. Because reasons. (It's barely shoulder-length now and it's already becoming annoying to wash, for example.)

Funny how half of these are photos of Natalie Dormer during her Hunger Games haircut. I admit, I kind of love her hair. It's all bad ass and sexy. Of course, I'm not blond and my hair isn't that long, but I'm pretty sure I've made my point.

These feel like I get to remove bulk (which is the real issue on the hair-washing front) while saving length and adding a bit of sass. Or something. Also, since I never seem to get a short haircut that I actually like well enough to, you know, keep getting ... well, maybe this gives some cover there as well.

I mean, I could just try harder to find a better stylist. I guess. But honestly, I object to paying upwards of $60 on a haircut when I'm never in love with the results, I can't ever replicate whatever they do, and they barely seem to listen to what I want anyway. At least if it's supercuts and I'm not that in love, it only cost me $20-30.

In other news, I kind of hate hairstylists every time I think about this sort of thing.
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