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Because seriously? Some people just insist on being mysoginistic woman haters to an astronomical degree. And they must be shamed.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] karma_aster at Signal Boosting for the Women in Mississippi:
Well, I'm completely disgusted now. Thanks for spreading the word, flist!

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] twbasketcase at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.
Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.
Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.
Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.
What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.
The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.
So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.
If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.
What to do?
- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.
- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.
- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.
- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

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I've been working on details for upcoming phd applications, as you've no doubt noticed. I've posted the current draft of my statement of purpose in my academic blog for review and comment by, well, pretty much anybody who's interested. I'd really appreciate the feedback. Because the last thing I want is to look like a complete brain case during the application process. Anywho, go take a look?

In other news, I've decided to go for a vaguely steampunk look for the days when I'm teaching the latin class. This basically means nice pants, a button up shirt, and a proper vest. Plus I'm hoping to either score a pocket watch or fix up one of my pre-existing pendant watches as a girl version pocket watch. I'm also adopting an up-do as my default hairstyle. Which just makes me question why I ever cut my hair in the first place. Ah, the joys of hair frustration. I've clearly spent too much of my life trying to emulate hairstyles of the "straight and silky" which just ... never manage to translate on my hair. Not with my level of hair fail, anyway. Now, I just need to find some vaguely steampunk style boots to finish it off, and I'd be a happy girl. For a little while anyway.

Until I have to start paying for transcripts and applications and trips to the AIA conference in Philadelphia and computers and ... *sigh*
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So it turns out, unsurprisingly, that I'm a crazy person. The GRE scores I was so worried about are, in fact, perfectly respectable. My 670 verbal score is the 95th percentile, my 680 math score is the 66th percentile (pretty good for somebody who's not in math, engineering, or the hard sciences!), and my writing score came in at a 4.5, which is the 67th percentile. That one bothers me a bit, but not enough to try going through that crap again. Especially since nobody really knows what phd programs actually do with that score.

And I've decided to go with six phd applications, for sanity and monetary reasons. These are:

Stanford, classics, archaeology track.
Brown, Joukowsky institute, classical.archaeology.
Cornell, classics, archaeology track.
UT Austin, classics, archaeology track.
Johns Hopkins, interdepartmental program, classical archaeology.
Boston U, archaeology, old world classical period.

I decided NOT to apply to Berkeley's AHMA group, because the description just gave me a really bad feeling. I'm learning to trust these feelings, because the last thing I want is to be in a phd program that I'm not a good fit for. Dealing with that at the masters level, even at my relatively well prepared level, has been enough to show me that it's just not worth it. If I'm frustrated with an unbalanced program now, it'd drive me batshit bonkers at the phd level. And I've seen how the wrong program can really gut-punch somebody who's a bad fit, even if they ARE quite bright, dedicated, and knowledgable. So, no Berkeley for me. Which is ... a weird feeling. A SF bay area native, NOT keen on Berkeley? It's just not right!

In other news, I got to meet my new favorite author at a book signing recently. I'm pleased to report that Gail Carriger (look, she's on LJ! [livejournal.com profile] gailcarriger) is as fabulous in person as her books would have you hope! Everyone should give her Parasol Protectorate series a try, for it is funny and steampunky and gloriously fun. Start with Soulless, but without reading the blurbs on the back of her other books, otherwise you'll definitely spoil the ending. That kind of goes for the whole series, actually. Anyway, go read her books!

And for any of you following my academics journal [livejournal.com profile] lux_in_senio , I apologize for the repetition today.
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Well, phd programs, anyway. I've been spending the first month or so of my summer break gearing up for the GRE and narrowing down the list of.programs I want to apply to. I took the damn test on Friday, and I'm paranoid about my scores. I got a 670 verbal and a 680 math, with the score for the writing portion still to come. I'm worried the scores won't be good enough for the programs I want to apply to, but since I have no sense of where those score are in terms of percentile, and no real sense of the sorts of scores the programs I'm interested in are looking for, it's nearly impossible to judge how I really did. They might be really good scores, they might be mediocre. Or maybe one is food and one is mediocre. I keep dearng how people usually do SO much better on the math section. I was stunned to do so well, actually. Given my practice tests, I was expecting to score more in the 580-600 range. Of course, I was also hoping to do a bit better on the verbal, so maybe that's my issue. And of house I have no idea how I'll score on the written section. I feel pretty confident in my writing skills, but it bothers me to not know for another week. Eh. Nobody knows how much phd programs look at the written section anyway.

I've narrowed it down to 6-7 programs. Stanford, classics, archaeology track. Brown, Joukowsky institute, classical.archaeology. Cornell, classics, archaeology track. UT Austin, classics, archaeology track. Johns Hopkins, interdepartmental program, classical archaeology. Boston U, archaeology, old world classical period. And Berkeley, interdepartmental program, ancient history and mediterranean archaeology. I haven't made up my mind about applying to Berkeley yet. I have some serious questions and concerns that need to be addressed first. The amount of money involved in applying to head schools is seriously daunting. Between application fees, transcripts costs, the gre and eventual postage costs, I'm looking at around $1000 for the 7 programs. I don't know how some people can afford to apply to as many schools as the do. Granted they probably don't have as many transcripts to deal with, but seriously ... expensive.

Now I need to start reading Latin for the ancient language exam in the fall, start working on a generic statement of purpose that can be tailored to individual programs, and finish an overdue paper. Oh boy.

Oh yeah, I should also get a job. I hate being broke. Sigh.
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Hmph. I guess they weren't "saved" or whatever. Of course, I thought the book of revelation was full of shit even when I was still xian, so it's not like it had any worse to get in my eyes. *shrug* Whatever.

Also, I'm officially on summer break now. Still waiting for grades though, since finals were last week. I'm giving myself about a week, and then it's time to study for the GRE. Which I take in five weeks. Bleh. After that, it'll be time to read a lot of Latin for the ancient language exam in the fall. Luckily, the reading list just got cut, by almost half. Which is really just an acknowledgement that the reading list was insane. Seriously, this is an MA program, and I've seen PhD programs with shorter reading lists. And I am NOT exaggerating that.  

And I have a project to finish from fall semester, so I can get an incomplete changed. I'll also be deciding which PhD programs to apply to. And working on a generic (ie, not program specific) statement of purpose so that when it comes time to apply, I can just make program-specific changes and not worry about it too much. I also need to think about really nailing down my thesis topic. I've got a direction, at this point, but it'd be good to have a bit more structure to the idea. I should be able to take Pithos credits next semester, making it two classes instead of three, for the work I did on Pithos this semester. By the time it got rolling this semester, it was too late to add the credits, but there was only two of us working on it. So, if that still works out, I should have time next semester to work on PhD applications and Thesis research. Then in the spring I'll take Pithos credits, thesis credits, and a literature seminar, and I should be set. I almost can't believe how little classwork I actually need to do next year. It's ... weird.

I should also get a job this summer. *sigh* Lots to do. Lots to do. Seriously, lots to do.
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I'm less busy than, say, last spring. Possibly less busy than last semester, at least at the back half. Still busy though. Two translation classes will do that to a girl. Also, just to bitch again, why isn't there a decent android app for livejournal? Bleh.

Still don't have much of a life, but I did just acquire a new bed/mattress. Filled with squishy goodness and storage underneath! I love IKEA ...

Also did a fairly sizable wardrobe update. It really becomes a thing when you're getting smaller than some of your clothes. Size seems to vary depending on what, precisely, I'm looking for. Damn clothes designers. Whatever.

Still need to get an updated driver's license, apply for a passport, and deal with an upcoming health issue. Damn temporary birth control. I swear, if I could just take out my uterus, I think I'd be a happy camper. Oh well.

And now, back to that homework I'm avoiding, er, taking a break from.


Jan. 2nd, 2011 07:37 pm
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I still say livejournal needs a proper android app ... everybody loves iphone apps. *sigh* Since getting a smartphone, I do most of my down-time web browsing on that, not my computer. Weird. I avoided the smartphone for so long, and now ...? Love it to bits. Don't remember how I managed to keep a schedule without it!

Anywho. I think it's time to make some resolutions. I usually don't, cause mostly people set themselves up for failure, but I think it's a good idea this time around. So ...

  1. Remember to make some time for fun. Keeping up with lj, socializing with folk, reading for the hell of it, playing a video game. And not JUST when school is out! Grad school may be devouring my life, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.
  2. Eat healthier. And not just cause I want to lose weight. Veggies = Good? Sugar = Bad? Uh, how about, Less Good ...
  3. Try to save some money. I can't go on a dig to Pompeii if I can't pay for it. And I really, really, REALLY want to go to Pompeii.
  4. Start figuring out my PhD program options. I've got about a year to get this shit sorted, but that doesn't mean I should wait till next fall ...
  5. Start submitting papers for grad student colloquia / conferences. Gotta start sometime, might as well get used to the idea.
  6. Remember that bit about having more fun? Do it!


Dec. 12th, 2010 08:28 pm
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 Holy Gods, it's been ages since I looked here. They really need a workable mobile site or an android app. It's the only way I do non-school online stuff these days. I'm. So. Busy!

Semesters done soon though. Real update then.

Dude ...

Sep. 9th, 2010 11:50 pm
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So, a major fire broke out about 4.5 miles from where I live this evening. Apparently a high capacity gas line exploded, and the current damage count from CalFire is 53 houses lost and 120 houses damaged. We know at least one person has died, and probably in the range of a couple dozen injured. It's weird, and strangely familiar. After going through the Oakland Hills fire back in 1991 (I lived in Richmond at the time), I thought that there couldn't be anything more eerie than smelling the smoke and seeing Orange sky. I was wrong.

I saw flames shooting up over the hilltop from my apartment.
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So, let's see. The semester started last week. So now the busy begins again. I was in the Chicago area the week before that. Where I lost a day and a half to the damn stomach flu. Put a serious crimp in our plans. Hmm. Got a new cell phone. I has pretty, Droid Incredible now. It is pretty, and I shall love, and pet it, and call it George. *ahem* I look forward to getting a bookshelf/desk this weekend, and finally having a proper work space again. Somewhere over the summer, my stuff hit critical mass and exploded all over my desk in random, cluttertastic ways. It's horrible. We probably won't be moving out of our sort of crappy apartment until next semester. We had things to take care of this time around that had been put off too long, and that ate money. Hate how fast that sometimes happens. Sadly, that's about as interesting as my life gets, these days.

And now, to finish off this durn thing ...

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
It's a toss up between "What Not to Wear" and "Say Yes to the Dress," both of which are on TLC. I guess I'm hoping for inspiration from the first, and sighing over the wedding I may never have during the second. *shrug* Who can figure?

Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Well, there's really only two that I've really watched. Shogun (think back, it was the 80's) and Sci-Fi's rendition of Dune. I think I may still like Shogun more.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Hmm. I'm definitely a fan of the original title sequences for Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis. After they chopped them though, ugh. So I think I'll go with Chuck. It just makes me giggle.

Day 19 - Best TV show cast
Uh ... that's a hard one. I think I'll have to go with Farscape on this one. Also another great opening sequence, redone several times for cast changes and/or series progression.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Old favorite, Crichton and Aeryn on Farscape ... somewhere along the line. It makes its way into the opening credits. It's a great kiss. New favorite, Carter and Allison on Eureka, 1st episode of season 4. They're back in the 1940's, they're not sure they're both going to get back, and he finally goes for it. And then in the third to last episode of the season (already? damn!) they finally get it together in the present. Good times.

Day 21 - Favorite ship
As in ... vessel? That sort of leaves out a lot of shows ... that'd be Moia on Farscape, hands down. I mean, she's a living ship, and she looks after her folk, in a strange way. But I'm guessing that's not what this one meant. All I can say there is that I don't really do "ship" much. I pretty much stick with canon. This hasn't always been the case, but I just don't have that much time/energy to invest in it these days. I'm boring. Sorry.

Day 22 - Favorite series finale
I think, pretty much, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Save the world, go to the mall?" Plus, Willow changes slayerdom, and such. Plus, it was an end that didn't involve Buffy dying. Again.

Day 23 - Most annoying character
What, ever? Francine Desmond, on The Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Seriously, that woman was annoying, petty, and downright mean. They manage to semi-redeem her over the course of the show, but that "annoying" thing never wears off.

Day 24 - Best quote
Wow. I SO don't have the time to dig through my brain and/or the Interwebs trying to figure out the best quote. There are so many to chose from. But if you ever watch Firefly, in the episode War Stories, be on the lookout for "I'll be in my bunk."

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Yeah. My life doesn't run this way. I watch it, or I don't. Sometimes I realize that I meant to watch something, but I never plan on it. Just doesn't happen.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
MASH. There were at least three or four good moments of WTF? going on there. I prefer to ignore it's existence, quite frankly.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Hmm. Old days, I'd have said Star Trek: Voyager. It set up a great first few seasons, which TPTB then managed to kill with Borg of Boobies. (No disrespect to the actress, I blame writers and producers and network execs, all the way.) These days ... goodness. There's Eureka's pilot, which sets up everything you really need to know about the town, and sets up most of the character dynamics for the first two-three seasons. There's Chuck, where the first episode basically gives you the flavor of the whole show and makes you root for the nerd. (Gotta love that!) And then there's Castle, where they basically just dive right in and make it all go "Oh My Gods This Show Is AWESOME!" (Or maybe that was just me?)

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Star Trek. Watched the original show with my dad as a kid. Started watching the Next Generation in ... gosh, had to be junior high? Started watching DS9 in high school. Started watching Voyager in college (mark 1, mind you). Tried to watch enterprise, but it just ... sucked. And now, thanks to Lucas ruining Star Wars forever for me, I don't think I'll ever watch the new Trek movie. I'd rather have my remaining childhood favorites unruined, thanks.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Eureka. Castle. White Collar. Chuck. (if i ever catch up. sigh.) Haven.

Day 30 - Saddest character death
Toss up. Joyce Summers, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Just when you think she's all better, bam. Dead. And holy shite, the fall-out.) Dr. Janet Fraser, on Stargate SG-1. (Cause you just don't see that one coming, and that was just ... awful.) Kim Anderson, on Eureka. (Minor recurring guest character, but Henry Deacon literally changed the world to save her once, and then Carter has to stop him from saving her because it will end the universe. Needless to say, the devastation behind this one is hard-core.) And finally, Lt. Col. Henry Blake, on MASH. (Just when you think he's going home, and everyone's been celebrating all episode, right at the end there's the bombshell telegram announcement from Radar while everyone's in surgery. It's evil I tell you, evil!)

And now, I'm done with this. Yeah, ok, it probably took longer than 30 days for me to finish the damn thing. My bad.

Remember the rest of the list? )
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Day 15: Favorite female character.

Yeah, if I couldn't narrow it down to one favorite male character, it's not gonna work for the female character either. For those of you not terribly interested in my tv viewing habits, I apologize for the semi-spam. Ahem. Also, please note, I started working on this yesterday!
  • Star Trek(s):
    • Lt. Uhura. She was the first woman on TV that I wanted to be like. Smart, beautiful, competent, skilled, efficient. Not afraid to get down on the floor with tech gadgets and fix/jury-rig stuff herself. Also not afraid to use her looks to her advantage if that's what it took to get the job done. And as an added bonus, she could sing like a mad fiend.
    • Lt. Yar. A woman who was (supposed to be, at least) in charge of some stuff. Again with the competent. I liked that she had dirty stuff in her background and beat it into submission so she could have the job/life she wanted. Too bad the writers didn't seem to know what to do with her. *sigh*
    • Maj. Kira. Feisty! I like feisty. Tough. Bad-ass. Never showed any shame or hangups about her relationships. Smart. And did I mention feisty?
    • Lt. Dax (Jadzia). Smart, gorgeous, funny, geektastic. I loved how she reveled in being a woman again. Even comments early on about having forgotten what it's like being a woman, with all the male attention. Loved the banter between Dax and Sisko, especially since she often played the fatherly role. He even called her "old man" on a regular basis! It sucked when she fell to the death curse of marrying Worf. Seriously, Kehlar, Dax, alternate timeline Troi ... that guy needs to stay single. But I also like that we get her back, sort of. I never quite warmed up to Ezri Dax, but I liked that we got to see the Dax/Worf angle resolved AND that we finally got to see Dax/Bashier finally work out. Well, it made ME happy.
    • Cpt. Janeway. Here, sadly, I have to qualify this favorite as pre-borg-of-boobs. Seven of Nine really unbalanced the show in unhealthy ways and it showed on all the characters. Perhaps especially the captain. But before? She was smart, determined, sensitive without being "emotional" ... whatever that means. Tough without being bitchy. Strong but flexible. Good leader. Creative thinker and tech nerd. It was hard to see the way she changed as the show came to focus more and more on Seven of Nine and whatever HER latest whatever was. Seriously. I missed the other characters, and the ensemble feel of the show. *sigh*
    • Lt. Torres. Feisty! Cranky! Angsty! Three of my favorite qualities in a character. Plus, she was smart, creative, and often served as a great foil for the captain. Until, of course, the Seven of Nine show took over.
    • Kes. The mostly sweet/innocent, certainly wonder-filled heart of the show. She was often the emotional balance point of an episode, or at least the b-plot. She had a way of looking at problems and/or issues and coming up with unusual solutions. She was especially good at this when it dealt with getting Janeway to let go of some of the emotional baggage she tended to load herself up with. She was part counselor, with a serious practical streak, and part wide-eyed "ooh, shiney!" And they kicked her out to make room for the boobs. Because, apparently, the boobs were needed, and the emotional balance wasn't. Right.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Buffy Summers. Can't hate on the slayer. The first season or two she was a bit ... not quite ditzy, but certainly typically teenage shallow about some things. She grew up fast though, which sort of has to happen if you're killing vampires and saving the world. Or even dying a couple of times. By the time the show ends she's taken on a quasi-uber vamp (the master), a humanity killing demon (the judge), a full sized demon (the ascended mayor), an amalgamated human/demon/android thing (Adam), a hell god (Glory), a vengeful super witch (Willow!), uber vamps, the preacher, and the very first evil straight from hell. What's that make her? A gods damned hero!
    • Willow Rosenberg. She starts off as the tech/computer/internet nerd girl and transitions into the most powerful witchy witch ever. She nearly destroyed the world. And then, after that? She remade what it meant to be A slayer. Not THE slayer. No more with the "one girl in a generation" crap. Any girl who could be "the" slayer, now becomes "a" slayer. That's one hell of a witch. Plus, she dated a rocker/werewolf, turned gay in college, became a "magic addict" and had to reevaluate her whole approach to life/magic. That's pretty hard core.
    • Joyce Summers. I know, mom of the slayer, what? Seriously though. When you think of the times when she really should have figured it out, but didn't ... but still found out something really, really key about her daughter anyway? She always went the right way with it. Vampires invade parent/teacher night and Buffy takes charge? No "what do you think you're doing?" or "who do you think you are?" Oh no. "My daughter can take care of herself and look after others too. Not bad." She threatens Spike with a fire-ax. Later, when Spike decides to team up with Buffy to stop Angel from ending the world, he's amazed that she doesn't know about Buffy being the Slayer. When she finally does know, and meets Faith? There's a moment when Faith is talking about how she became Slayer, and Joyce immediately looks at Buffy, "Wait. You died?" Not a dumb woman. Everyone likes her, even Spike, because she treats all the strange people in her daughter's life like regular folk, weirdness notwithstanding. Now that's a classy lady.
    • Tara Maclay. Such a dear, sweet lady. And not just because she's Willow's lover. She's the one who's worried about Willow using too much magic. She's the one who gets Willow to see it. She starts out as a shy, quiet gal but over time she blossoms into a really fabulous addition to the whole gang, beyond just being Willow's girlfriend.
  • Andromeda
    • Andromeda Ascendant. The AI of a warship. A WARSHIP! Needless to say, she's smart, efficient, resourceful, devious, and often Dylan's closest advisor. Her physical avatar, her core AI, and her ... "shipness" all add different flavors of Rommie to different situations. She's the master of her VR matrix, she's the ship and all it's various drones and bots, and she's the android who looks like the ship's AI hologram. She's been known to have discussions/arguments with herself. She's badass, lonely for her fellow warships, and worried that all the old friends she encounters have gone some version of batshit crazy. She's Dylan's toehold on the old Commonwealth and his greatest tool for his mission to rebuild it. How awesome is that?
    • Trance Gemini. Strange, mysterious, wacky girl. Purple, with a tail. Later changes places with her future self, who looks very little like her. It's weird. She see's possible futures. She does NOT do well with slipstream. She may be the avatar of the Vedren sun. She and her kind have a plan of their own to combat the abyss, and she tries to steer the crew to better paths to help that goal. Seriously, it's weird.
    • Beka Valentine. Her dad was a smuggler type, her mom was a upper-crusty type who got bored. She ran her own ship, that used to be her father's, and still looks after her crew. She's bought into Dylan's plan to save civilization, but she's not calling him captain. Oh, and somehow she's the matriarch of the Nietzschians. Yeah.
  • Firefly
    • Zoe Washburne. Stone cold badass. With a little bit of a softer side. Enough to be married to the pilot, anyway. Former soldier, with Mal. Often the one to tell him his plan is crazy. Definitely a woman to take seriously.
    • Inara Serra. Companion. All about sensuousness and social niceties and civilized life. And yet, she rents her shuttle from Mal and hangs out with the shady side of society. Makes you wonder what she's getting away from. And there's also a series strength of character to her that you don't always get to see. But it's always impressive when you do.
    • Kaylee Frye. Genius mechanic. Sweet, sweet girl. Adorable, charmingly hormonal. Very straightforward about what she wants. Sort of the "little sister" of everybody on the ship. And so, so cute. With a bit of snark.
    • River Tam. Crazy smart. Seriously broken. Creepy badassness. She's the mystery that weaves through the whole show. The audience knows she's psychic long before the rest of the crew. But she's theirs and that's all that's needed to explain her.
  • Farscape
    • Aeryn Sun. Soldier. Combat pilot. Badass. Lots of strength and hardness. Crichton finds softer sides of her, and she's not always comfortable with that. But she becomes a lot more complicated than a typical soldier/warrior, while still being exactly that. She never gives up any part of herself throughout her growing process. And that takes some doing.
    • Zhaan. Priest. Killer. Fabulous blue bitch, as Rygel would say. She's spiritual and deep, she's a healer, and she's a criminal and a bit of a hard ass. She's an awesome teacher and friend, she learns about herself along the way. It's a shame she had to leave the show, but I guess that much makeup can have serious implications for one's health.
    • Chiana. Criminal. Wild child. Running like mad from her repressive society/government. Indulges her desires and whims for fun and excitement. Practical, realistic, holds no illusions. Great, fun character.
    • Noranti. Chiana calls her Wrinkles. Little old lady, with a penchant for making potions and just ... giving them to people whether they want them or not. Does not adhere to standard morals, but seems to follow some strange code of her own. Mostly though, she's just hilarious and creates strange, weird situations with the other characters that I love to watch.
  • Stargate(s)
    • Samantha Carter. Geekgasm! I love that she's SO smart, and just as mentally tough as the guys. I love that she used her smarts to save the day on several occasions. Also, she blew up a sun!
    • Janet Fraiser. Awesome doctor. Able to browbeat the stubborn ones, namely all of them, really, into submission. Adjusts to the weirdness of the SGC with equanimity and aplomb. She was classy and awesome and it was horrible when she died. Nobody measured up.
    • Vala Mal Doran. Fantastically irreverent. Sexy, flawed, and troubled. And the mother of Adria, the embodiment of the Ori. As much as it bothered her, and as much as Adria wasn't really hers, she still worried about her and for her, and felt the weight of everything Adria did in ways only a mother can. And yet she played on Adria's desire to connect with her, trying to change Adria's mind. It's her interactions with Adria that make her awesome.
    • Teyla Emmagan. Badass, wise, natural leader. I love that she always looks out for her people, even after they leave Atlantis to live elsewhere. She challenged Wraith queens, even impersonated a few, and generally kicked ass.
    • Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Smart, slightly devious, and determined. Definitely had the best relationship with the people on Atlantis. Don't know why she got axed, she was fabulous.
  • Eureka
    •  Allison Blake. Medical doctor, former defense department liaison, former head of Global Dynamics. Good with people, great with her son, great at reigning in a lot of the crazy in Eureka. Love her.
    • Jo Lupo. Carter's deputy. Or rather, former deputy these days. Now she's the head of GD security. Badass, gun nut, no nonsense gal. Also, gorgeous, but you'd barely know it most of the time. She's just awesome.
    • Zoe Carter. Carter's daughter. Used to be a bit of a trouble maker. Took to the wacky of Eureka like she was born to it. Now attending ... Harvard, I think? Has a great way of being a voice of reason in the middle of chaos.
  • The West Wing
    • C. J. Craig. Smart, lovely, genuinely great gal. Has a tremendous capacity for reigning in the rest of the staff. Which would no doubt be why Leo recommends her for his job after his stroke.
    • Donna Moss. Slightly whimsical and flighty, but she's spunky and snarky, which I love. She has a great interaction with Josh and offers the audience a more normal perspective on what goes on. She later develops into a force of her own, which is even better.
    • Abbey Bartlett. The president's smart-ass doctor wife. We didn't usually see a lot of her, but she was always fun when we did. She really brought out a great side of the president and offered more insight into the downsides of being the presidential family.
    • Dolores Landingham. Great, vaguely grouchy old lady. Fabulous secretary. Has a way of ... reminding the president that he wasn't always the guy in charge. Mostly though? She's just a great old lady.
    • Ainsley Hayes. The republican lawyer who comes to work for the white house. She's smart, she has a peculiar way of speaking, and she has a way of changing peoples minds sometimes. I like that she can work for people she disagrees with, even like them, and still be true to her ideals.
  • Others
    • (Chuck) Sarah Walker. Super spy! Even though you're never quite sure what's true, there's still something genuine about her. Mostly though, I just like her cause she's fun to watch and she kicks ass!
    • (Castle) Det. Kate Beckett. Great detective, secret fan of everything Castle writes. Driven. Loves outsmarting bad guys. Generally awesome.
    • (The Dresden Files) Lt. Connie Murphy. Stuck dealing with murder cases that don't make sense? Call in the wizard, even if nobody really believes in that stuff. I love that she can call in Harry as often as she does and still not believe in magic. There's something fabulous about that.
    • (NCIS) Abby Sciuto. The goth nerdgasm! She's fabulous and wonderful and nerdtastic! And constantly hyped up on Kaff-pow!
    • (Invader Zim) Gaz. Yes, she's a cartoon character. No, she's not around much. But when she is, she's hysterically, fabulously grumptastic. I just love her. There should be more t-shirts devoted to her!

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Day 14: Favorite male character.

What, only one? Surely not! There are way, WAY too many great men in the world of television to boil it all down to one. Nope. Not gonna do it. We're going with a list. It's gonna be a long one. Seriously.

  • Star Trek(s):
    • Mr. Spock. Logic, reason, and knowledge. Nothing less will do. Compassion works in there too, in its sneaky way. Awesome.
    • Dr. McCoy. Emotional, stubborn, deeply compassionate. And yet ... reason and information are key factors too. Balanced.
    • Capt. Picard. Reason, emotion, wisdom, and his own brand of philosophy. A force to be reckoned with. Also, Shakespeare nut!
    • Cmd. Data. Charming blend of talking to a computer and talking to a child. Complete innocence mixed with way too much info.
    • Cmd. Sisko. So good to see a family man heading a Trek show. Another great force of personality. And he cooks!
  • Firefly:
    • Malcolm Reynolds. The revolutionary who lost. And lost his faith. Lives on the fringe to keep his freedom. Also, he's badass.
    • Simon Tam. A pure product of the society that won. Chucked it all to save his sister from military experiments. Unbeatable.
    • Shepherd Book. Theoretically a priestly sort. But! Knows way too much about government agents & criminals. Mysterious.
    • Wash. He's the wacky pilot, who married the badass amazon soldier woman. Wacky stories, wacky guy, great lines. Hilarious.
  • Andromeda:
    • Dylon Hunt. Lost his world in the blink of an eye. Decided, "to hell with that, I'm rebuilding it!" Now that's ballsy. And visionary.
    • Tyre Anasazi. Stone cold badass. Comes to prefer Dylon's worldview & like Harper. Did I mention he's an "uber" human?
    • Seamus Harper. Scrawny little man. Makes up for it with geekery and high energy. And tech babble. And he made Rommy.
  • Farscape:
    • John Crichton. Human lost in a world of aliens. Has a way of bringing people together in strange ways. Nothing but wonder.
    • D’Argo. Warrior. Prisoner. Unforgiving. Unrelenting. Oh yeah, he's an alien. Comrade, friend, confidant, pain in the ass. Woot.
    • Stark. Crazy. Crazy. CRAZY! Prisoner that Crichton breaks out with him. Also, deeply spiritual and strangely wise.
    • Pilot. Technically a male, I think. Part, and partner, of the ship. Wise, emotional, and fabulously giving. Love him.
  • Stargate(s):
    • Jack O’Neil. Head snarker. Seriously, king of snark. And I love snark. But he would do anything for his team. Win.
    • Teal’c. Warrior. Incubator. Former slave. Fighting to win freedom for his people. Can't beat that.
    • Daniel Jackson. Wise, sometimes. Genius, often. Dead, more often than should be feasible. But mostly just awesome.
    • Gen. Hammond. Made of WIN! The guy who goes to the mat for all the crazy shit that goes on at the SGC. Again, made of win.
    • John Shepard. Makes friends and hard decisions. Wonderful hatred of the wraith, in a useful way. That's pretty hardcore.
    • Rodney McKay. If he weren't surrounded by military/warriors, he'd be a frackin' hero. Seriously. He's whiney and bitchy, but he's damn heroic. AND scared. That's a guy anyone can love.
    • Ronon Dex. Warrior, former runner. A little childlike sometimes, but never when there's anything at stake. So young, and so, so jaded.
    • Carson Beckett. Doctor. Hates to travel. Hates guns and violence. Fabulous doctor manner. You can hear him caring from the other side of the city. Honest.
  • Eureka:
    • Jack Carter. Problem solver. Hands down. Not the science guy, but he figures stuff out and gets the right people together to fix it. That takes special skills. And he's great with people, his daughter, the town, GD, and everything. I love him.
    • Henry Deacon. Science guy. Tinkerer. Cares more about the people than the gadgets.
    • Vincent. Runs cafe diem. Genius with food & beverage. The town gossip. Also, in a lot of ways, the heart of the town. He's fabulous.
  • The West Wing:
    • Pres. Bartlett. Intelligent, articulate, thoughtful. Religious & NOT pushy. Bit of a smart ass. Mostly though, just fantastic.
    • Toby Ziegler. Total snarkfest. And I love the snark. He's cranky, cantankerous, grouchy, and brilliant. Love him. I command it!
    • Sam Seaborn. Smart, inspired, and a bit naive. Ambitious & articulate. Writing snob! My inner grammar nazi loves him.
    • Josh Lyman. Smart ass, ambitious, and a bit brilliant. Also a bit tragic. Scarred. A bit flawed. But he's also awesome.
    • Charlie Young. Young, bright, devoted to his family. Put off college to look after his sister after his mom died. Becomes the glue that holds way too much shit together. WAY too much stuff.
  • Chuck:
    • Chuck Bartowski. Regular guy with spy computer in his brain. Comic hijinks ensue. He's decent, caring, brilliant, and socially awkward. What's not to love?
    • John Casey. NSA killer. Keeps Chuck out of trouble. Likes blowing stuff up. I like when he blows stuff up!
    • Captain Awesome. AKA Chuck's brother-in-law Devon. He actually IS awesome. Annoying, but lovable.
  • MASH:
    • Col. Potter. Army guy in charge of non-army doctors. Doesn't put up with nonsense. Does put up with minor shenanigans. Knows where to draw the line. Loves horses, western books, and painting. One cool cat.
    • Hawkeye Pierce. Drafted doctor. Womanizer. Caring. Basically decent guy lurking under a mask of lechery. Awesome.
    • BJ Hunnicut. Drafted doctor. Family guy. Practical joker. Low key. Decent guy, period.
    • Father Mulcahy. Best catholic priest ever. Interested in the local beliefs. Gleefully tolerant and understanding of other faiths. Cheerfully performs services for Jewish members of the unit. Great priest. If more were like him, there'd be more catholics. Seriously. If I'd had a pastor like this, I might still be xian. Maybe.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Rupert Giles. Fount of knowledge. Secretly a badass. Not afraid to be a killer. Paternal figure with an edge. Great guy.
    • Xander Harris. A regular guy hanging in on the fight, surrounded by the slayer, a witch, a werewolf, a super soldier, an ex-demon, and vampires with souls. That takes major guts. And hardcore hero cred. He's the "normal" guy, who sees things nobody else does. He calls out the crazy, the stupid, and the wacky. He's awesome.
    • Oz. Cool guy, becomes a werewolf. Those teething cousins are dangerous. Even his awesomeness is low-key!
    • Riley Finn. Super soldier. Decent guy. Needs to be needed, which is a problem when you date the slayer. Poor guy. Doomed to a fizzled relationship, but still trusts Buffy to handle her shit. That's a guy to love.
  • Others:
    • (Scarecrow & Mrs. King) Lee Stetson. The spy who gets a civilian involved in the spy world. And finds out she's useful. And can't seem to get rid of her. And then doesn't want to get rid of her. He's not only a decent guy, but under all that early bluffing about her being annoying or in the way, he's glad to have her around. She's a refreshing change of pace, and she keeps him on his toes, and she's a friend first. And it turns out, he really needed the friend.
    • (The Dresden Files) Harry Dresden. Wizard. Seriously, wizard! Plus, he's haunted, has issues, and has screwed up in the past. Tries really hard to do the right thing whenever he can. Likes people, generally. Protects them from stuff they don't know about. Deals with creeps and bad guys of a sort most people can't imagine. He's a hero, with snark and attitude. Love it.
    • (Castle) Richard Castle. The writer who works with cops. Theoretically for research, but really for fun and the company. Not so secretly interested in Det. Beckett. Friends with Dets. Ryan and Esposito. Lives with his mother and his daughter, who both manage to run his life without interfering with it. Don't ask me how. He's great with his kid, great with the cases, great with his wacky author lifestyle. Awesome.
    • (Life) Charlie Cruz. Cop wrongly imprisoned for 12 years for killing his friends. Proved innocent, let out, gets big settlement. Goes back to the force as a detective. Completely unusual perspective on life and crime. Knows the cop stuff, and criminal stuff. Issues with walls and fences. Some cops don't trust him. Not sure he trusts some cops. Strangely zen AND angry. Sort of. He's wacky and fun. Gotta love it.

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Prop 8 has been ruled unconstitutional. Woot! Because if, someday, I were to have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, I'd want the option to marry her. Also, 52% of the people shouldn't be able to take away the rights of the remaining 48%. Thomas Jefferson got that bit right. Good thing those founding fathers made us a republic and gave us the courts. “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” He got that bit right too.

Day 13: Favorite childhood show.

Star Trek

I didn't watch much of the "typical" childhood shows. And the watching of Trek reruns with my dad? That started when I was quite young. Certainly before my sister was born, which means before I was six. That's right. My geek cred started THAT early. Science was cool. Logic and reason won arguments. So did emotional judgements. Doctors were crotchety. Women were sexy AND competent. People could work together, and get along, and argue, and still be friends. And then there were the "weird" aliens. And the strangely colored planets. And horrible outfits, but it was the sixties, so I'll give them that one. Mostly though, my early love of this show inspired the belief that decisions should be based on actual information, logic, and ethics, that girls could be smart, able, pretty, kind, and respected, and that science (fiction) made way better fairy tales than anything church ever did. Yeah, I was doomed from the start. Can't say I'm complaining though. ;)

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Day 12: An episode you've watched more than 5 times.

Farscape. All of it. Seriously.

I've watched the entire series straight through at least three times. I've watched any particular season, individually, at least three more times. There are discs of this collection that I've watched at least a dozen times. Seriously. I love this show. I LOVE this show. It's an old favorite. I didn't tag it as my favorite show ever, because my moods are fickle. Also, I like to pimp current shows. But this? This is the very first show I bought, obsessively, as it came out. In "starburst" edition. This show taught me the wonders of commentaries, especially when the actors are involved. This show brought back a sheer wonder that I hadn't felt since watching Star Trek reruns with my dad as a little kid. I LOVE this show. American astronaut shot through a wormhole to the other end of the universe, hunted by a psycho military man. Learning to deal with aliens of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Living ship, strange planets, great friends, terrifying enemies. Great, great, GREAT show. Watch it!

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Day 11: A show that disappointed you.

Star Trek: Voyager

Hands down, no contest, "winner" of this category. This show had such a promising beginning, but by the third season Kes got shoved out the door and we got seven-of-nine in her place. After that it was all down hill. It wasn't long before the mostly balanced, ensemble show became little more than a "borg-of-boobs" fest. Characters were assassinated without the benefit of actually being killed, plot lines started going squiffy, some of the actors were clearly phoning it in, which you can't really blame them for since they had so little to do for so much of the time. There had been some dud episodes before, but the balance of the show had generally been good. I'll never understand what possessed tptb to get rid of Kes, but it really damaged the dynamic on the show in ways that I didn't even recognize at the time. It wasn't until catching an episode from an earlier season that I realized, not only how much I missed her character, but also just how much the show had changed. I have to say, this was the first show that made me bitch about "the damn network," "the damn powers that be," and "that fucking 18-25 male demographic."

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Day 10: A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.

Why would I watch a show that I think I won't like? What would be the point? Seriously, do people do this?

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So, apparently my dad had a stroke some time last saturday, probably when he was asleep. Finally got my sister to take him in to the hospital on wednesday. Wednesday. It was apparently in a part of the brain that he wasn't using much, 'cause it didn't cause the "usual" symptoms. He talk, read, write, and move the same as ever. Dizziness though, to the point where he didn't trust himself to drive. He got out of the hospital today, and he seems to be doing fine. The sister said something about borderline diabetes, which isn't really a surprise since Dad's father and elder sister both have it now. The whole thing got me thinking about my dearth of direct elder relatives these days, what with only one grandparent still around and my mom being dead just over ten years now. I'm so not feeling old enough to be parentless. And I sure as hell don't want to deal with the disaster area that has claimed my dad's house. Nothing like your dad being in the hospital on the other end of the country to wreck your mental grove. *sigh* And now I'm moving on to ...

Day 9: Best scene ever.

It was a tough choice, since there are so many much-loved shows to chose from. In the end, I decided to go with the show everybody should watch, The West Wing. The last eight minutes of second to last episode of the fourth season. Several characters in ongoing story lines go "bing" with the lightbulb, and THE major dramatic setup for the next season is revealed. It's just as good as the "who's been hit?" ending of the first season in the episode entitled "What Kind of Day Has It Been?" with the added benefit of being completely unexpected. Entitled "Commencement," the consequences of this episode spill into the first 3-8 episodes of the fifth season. Watch it for yourself.

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So school starts up again in four weeks. I'm registered for classes, barring any last minute emails about poorly-communicated requirements and/or deadlines. I should finish wading through my German review in a few weeks, and then I get to work on a paper for an old class. Should never have gone the "incomplete" route ... time just gets away from you faster than could ever be imagined. *sigh* Books to buy, supplies to get, stuff to do. Same old back-to-school routine. Some things never change. And now, on to the fun part ...

Day 8: A show everyone should watch.

The West Wing

I don't pretend to imagine that the show is an accurate representation of politics in america, but it's a show that actually made it interesting. There are so many moments that really speak to the nature of democracy that it's hard to point to any particular episode as capturing the essence of the whole show. But it's OUR politics, and it's dirty, glorious, infuriating, inspiring, complicated, personal, and extremely human.

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Day 7: Least favorite episode of your favorite tv show.

So, this one, not so hard. I'm going with an episode (again, Eureka per Day 4) entitled Phased and Confused. It's season 3, episode 6, and it should be noted that Carter's sister arrived in town two episodes prior. In this episode Carter’s sister is a complete twit. There's suddenly a ‘superhero’ in town, and she thinks that he's awesome. This despite the fact that Carter instantly has a bad feeling about this guy, and every time the aforementioned buy shows up Carter has to bail his sister out of some disaster or another. But she thinks he's just great, gets snippy with Carter for saving her, and insists that the only reason Carter doesn’t like him is because he’s threatened by him. Really? This must be why these siblings apparently never get along, because this is her third episode and I already want to throttle her. I'm desperately annoyed that she acts like Carter is somehow a killjoy for seeing that this guy is trouble. And while we're on the subject, why the hell is everybody falling all over this annoying brat of a woman anyway? She's been in two episodes before this, but she's already getting into everybody's business and getting guys to drool on her? Seriously? Where the hell IS this town, so I can go there and become an instant hit? On the other hand, you do get some important progress on the main story arc for the first half of the season, so it's not all bad. I've also missed the last 7 episodes season 3, which only had 18 seasons. Eventually I'll have to pick up season 3.5 and catch up on everything. If nothing else, I've got to see how Carter's sister was shuffled out of town ...

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Day 6: Favorite episode of your favorite tv show.

This was a hard choice, but I'm going with an episode (of Eureka, see Day 4) entitled "E=MC...?" It's the 8th episode of the 2nd season, so you know the cast pretty well at this point. We get the introduction of a new character, Zane Donovan, which lets Carter show off some of his old fashioned cop skills. We get a nifty, shiny new experiment, which means special effects and tech/science babble. But we also get a mysterious outbreak of the stupids, which is both hilarious and (of course) a major threat to the safety of the town. Why? Because the nifty, shiny experiment is no longer running as planned, and the people who know how it works are all dumb and childlike. So Carter has to deal with Zane, deal with the outbreak of stupid, AND try to deal with an experiment that nobody understands. It's my favorite because you get to see all the genius main characters acting dumb, goofing off, and behaving like kids. You get the non-genius types having to save the day WITHOUT their usual go-to problem solvers and showing off their own brands of genius. And you get a new guy in town, which is always cool. I wanted to find a clip or something to link, but it seems that anything before season three is hard to find. But if you get a chance to see this episode, it's really great.

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