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So, apparently my dad had a stroke some time last saturday, probably when he was asleep. Finally got my sister to take him in to the hospital on wednesday. Wednesday. It was apparently in a part of the brain that he wasn't using much, 'cause it didn't cause the "usual" symptoms. He talk, read, write, and move the same as ever. Dizziness though, to the point where he didn't trust himself to drive. He got out of the hospital today, and he seems to be doing fine. The sister said something about borderline diabetes, which isn't really a surprise since Dad's father and elder sister both have it now. The whole thing got me thinking about my dearth of direct elder relatives these days, what with only one grandparent still around and my mom being dead just over ten years now. I'm so not feeling old enough to be parentless. And I sure as hell don't want to deal with the disaster area that has claimed my dad's house. Nothing like your dad being in the hospital on the other end of the country to wreck your mental grove. *sigh* And now I'm moving on to ...

Day 9: Best scene ever.

It was a tough choice, since there are so many much-loved shows to chose from. In the end, I decided to go with the show everybody should watch, The West Wing. The last eight minutes of second to last episode of the fourth season. Several characters in ongoing story lines go "bing" with the lightbulb, and THE major dramatic setup for the next season is revealed. It's just as good as the "who's been hit?" ending of the first season in the episode entitled "What Kind of Day Has It Been?" with the added benefit of being completely unexpected. Entitled "Commencement," the consequences of this episode spill into the first 3-8 episodes of the fifth season. Watch it for yourself.

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I'm still chillin' with family, but we should be moving into a place around the 15th. Grad school has swallowed me up, and I still need to get a work-study job. Hopefully once we've moved I'll have a bit more time to play with. And now ... off to dinner & tv!
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I found out friday (the 2nd) that a favorite uncle died the day before. Something about a heart attack while driving, so far as I know. Puts a hell of a damper on my new year, I have to say. I'm not really one to go in for "omens" and such, but ... *sigh* ... it certainly sets a tone that I'm NOT diggin.

I bought a new laptop battery yesterday, but it was the wrong one. Went back today, and they don't have the right one in stock. But it IS at the warehouse, very nearby, and ordering it monday gets it to the store on tuesday. So, new laptop battery on tuesday. Unless it's wrong again, I suppose. Just don't get me started right now on NEEDING a new battery again when I bought a new one this time last year too ... *mutter*

In the glee+necessary department, I picked up a t-shirt on sale for $20. It's green, with a nifty all-over print on it. Sort of floral, but mostly in darker shades of green, with a few spots of color. I'm pleased with it. I was hoping to find something more interesting, but another t-shirt, that I actually like, is a good thing.

And in the pure glee department, I snagged a couple of Invader Zim pins. One is a two-tone blue stripe background with Gir eating cupcakes, which also happens to be pretty hilarious. The other is on a black/grey polkadot background with some yellow and pink stars, a single cupcake, "Gir" written in green with a pink heart around it, and two gooftabulous images of Gir. They both made me giggle when I saw them, which is definitely something I can use lately. They are going on my bookbag for next semester, along with the two other two other Gir pins, the Gaz pin and the wicked witch pin. Because I want to. *grin*


Jun. 11th, 2008 04:32 pm
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So, the hot weather has been putting in several appearances lately. This has caused many problems that have made the news. Tornados, flooding, vanishing lakes ... And my own personal issues as well. Things like "it's so hot, can't i just chop off all my hair?" and [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's favorite "it's too hot in here, i need the fan," which leads to my own personal disaster of "that fan's too damn loud, i can't sleep with that racket!"

I'm alternatively tempted to: smother [livejournal.com profile] amoryl with a pillow so I can have some quiet, demand a futon so I can sleep in a different room, give up on my hair and just leave it in something approximating a bun forever, find a new shampoo (the one I'm using now frequently leaves my hair feeling a bit ... gross when I wash it later ... i don't know if it's just not rinsing out all the way due to water pressure issues, or if it's "supposed" to leave your hair with some damn coating to deal with curl, or whatever, but i'm definately not diggin' the results), or get a new haircut that's short and funky (i could even straighten it at that point, i'm so fed up with my hair) ......

Monday night was horrible. At 2am I was still wide awake, so i turned off the window fan. Maybe 10-15 minutes later, he's up turning the damn thing on again. "It's broiling in here." At 3.30am i can't stand it anymore, so i give up and go sleep on the couch. I didn't sleep well. I'm still tired and cranky. And I have a headache. *sigh*

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Yeah, that "holy shit" thing has been hitting me over the head today. We've just gotten back from our trip to california (more on that later), the next semester hasn't even started yet and I'm thinking about what I need to do this summer. I know I have to dig out my printer and set it up so I can actually print up my "send me info" letters for the grad schools I'm thinking of applying to. I need to set up an appointment with the senior adviser to make sure everything is on track for graduation next year. AND I need to find the deadline for applying for graduation. And it's still 2007 ... well, for another few hours anyway. Dear gods. This WOULD explain the suspected teeth grinding. *sigh*

Anywho, the california trip. Absolutely wonderful. I got to take [livejournal.com profile] amoryl up to Dillon Beach for a good view of the ocean. Apparently it was low tide, which was fabulous. Got to see all sort of kelp/seaweed, lots of shells and really impressed on [livejournal.com profile] amoryl the idea that, no, lake michigan does NOT have tides. They may say it does, but they're lying. *ahem* Also dragged him up for a tour of Davis, where I lived for three years. Lots of changes, but lots of things are still the same. Apparently it reminded him of another college town (champagne, il) where he lived for several years. The bay area reminds him of the Seattle area, which I find hilarious.

I caught up with one of my cousins (josh) from mom's side. It seems they don't do big family gatherings anymore, which bummed me out. But [livejournal.com profile] amoryl got to meet my uncle (or whatever) Rich ... now all that remains there is to see Rich and my father together. THAT is truly scary. Didn't remember to try to see anyone else in california while we were there. Because I suck as a friend. I mean, really, what kind of loser am I? Bah.

Major results of this trip? [livejournal.com profile] amoryl has made a deal with me. I find a place we can actually afford ... and he won't resist my going to california for grad school. Which really means he's agreed to going to california if I get into any of my grad school choices in california. Because really, if I get in, I'll find SOME damn way to afford to live there. So yeah, I'm all happy and shite.
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Yeah. [livejournal.com profile] amoryl has a loud family. The nieces have no concept of "inside voice" or, really, table manners. The oldest still eats with her fingers the majority of the time. She's six years old. Let me repeat that. She's SIX YEARS OLD! The girls pick at their food and play at the table. Or rather, they get out of their chairs and play RIGHT NEXT TO the table. They run back and forth through the kitchen while people are trying to perform after-dinner-clean-up. And the screeching ... dear GODS! The Screeching!

In fairness, their parents aren't really big on inside voice or manners themselves. Or rather, their mother has no inside voice and their father makes seriously crude innuendos in totally innapropriate situations. And they're both ... hippie wannabes. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that their children are completely ill-mannered wild beasts. I swear though, I feel like my brain starts bleeding after about ... twenty minutes around those two.

I never realized how ... quiet my family is. I mean, I know dad's side of the family was always very much about being properly behaved. Grammar correction, enforcement of table manners, requirement of inside voice ... that's just how it worked at grandma & grandpa's house. No ifs, ands or buts about it. If the kids were done eating, we asked to be excused and left the dining area. We didn't go far, but we weren't standing next to the table being loud and obnoxious. Then when it was time for desert we'd go back to the table. And then we leave again while the grown-ups had some coffee.

Even my moms side of the family, which tended to be a bit rowdier than dad's side, was less painful. Maybe it's just because the house was bigger ... and all the cousins went off to one corner and left the adults in another. But if it got too loud, people said so. We were not allowed to just ... run rampant. And table manners were required! Not with the same level of ... decorum as dad's side of the family, but this gathering was about ... 3 times the size.

Every time we do one of these horrendous endeavors I really miss MY family. They're quieter.


Aug. 13th, 2004 08:48 pm
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Okay ... so it seems debbie is getting married next month ... and that's all I know about it. My aunt just commented about debbies' ... condition ... so, I'm hazarding to guess she's pregnant too. What I want to know is why I'm always the last to hear about these things. I mean ... just heard about the pregnant thing today. Don't even know when next month this wedding is, or where it's being held. Or, well, anything. Arg, I say.
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that there's something I haven't said yet. Elbie is a fucking cock-bite sometimes. Right now especially.

Exibit one. The dog he just had to get, but couldn't be bothered to actually deal with. Then he had to nerve to be pissed off when my sister, who passionately hates dogs, wasn't willing or able to cope with her.

Exibit two. My sister has chemical burns, the doctors took pictures of because they've never seen it before, on her tender bits. And then he turns around and starts bitching about how he isn't getting enough sex lately. Then he starts making snide comments, in front of people, about the whole lack of sex thing, just because the burns are healed but she's still not feeling so hot down there.

Exibit three. He fucking went through my sisters' email. He finds "incriminating evidence" of semi-flirty behavior. Okay, bad move Shawn. But she called it all off, and Elbie goes ballistic anyway.

Exibit four. The seperation. There's supposedly the option of trying to work things out. But then he turns around and sleeps with the best friend. While HE'S still MARRIED to MY SISTER! Okay, bad call Liz. But you know what, she decided he wasn't worth it. SHE called it off. She DUMPED his ass.

Exibit five. Take the fucking hint. Liz dumped him, she won't sleep with him, but he won't leave her alone. Just how hard does a girl have to spell it out. NO. Move on already.

Exibit six. This martyr shit. So he's nearly got an ulcer over it. FUCKING GOOD! He cheated on his wife! An ulcer should be the fucking LEAST of his fucking problems. He should just shut the fuck up and suffer in fucking guilty silence. It would serve his ass right. If he couldn't deal with the guilt, he shouldn't have put his dick there. Asshole. But no, that wasn't good enough. He had to "confess" or some shit. What the fuck for? If he wanted absolution he should have just gone to a catholic church and done the real thing. No, he just wanted to make himself look good and hurt someone else at the same time. "At least I came forward." I bet that gets used a lot by him. "I just couldn't live with the secret." I bet that's another winner. And he gets his revenge on shawn for her little co-worker flirtation. And he gets his revenge on liz for kicking his cheating ass out of her bed. And somehow he comes out smelling like roses. FUCK THAT!

Elbie is being a little dick monkey. That is all I have to say about this.


oh wait, I didn't catch THIS before ... ([livejournal.com profile] bitemenavy's response to [livejournal.com profile] kidra's first post on the topic ...

"I'm not upset at what I did. I am upset at how I did it, and most of all, I'm upset at the fact that I could of lost you as a friend. I'm also very upset at the way it all went down, knowing that people were manipulated, and lied to, I never intended to lie, just to wait until things calmed down before certain things were made public. So I'm sorry if this hurts you, I'm not feeling guilty about what I did, just how I did it, does that make sense?"

So he's NOT feeling guilty for sleeping with Liz? While he was FUCKING MARRIED? You know, if I still lived in florida, I think that [livejournal.com profile] amoryl would have to bail me out of jail about now ...



Apr. 27th, 2004 11:54 am
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I just talked to grandpa about fifteen minutes ago. They let him out of the hospital yesterday, so he's back in his apartment. He sounded a lot better than he has the last several times I've talked to him, so I'd say it's a success on that alone. He had been sounding out of breath before, but I'm not actually hearing him breath now, so that's a big improvement.

The [livejournal.com profile] amoryl got that job he interviewed for. He started working thursday, and he really seems to be enjoying this job. He gets to sell computer games at software etc, which is pretty cool. Plus, he gets employee discounts. Now all he needs is for compusa to give him back his computer. In working order. His computer has been "in the shop" for a month and a half now. They give it back to him every once in a while, but it's never fixed. Compusa can just suck my ass. *mutter*

I'm only working two days this week. I'm not really thrilled with this. I need money to pay bills, you know? On the other hand, it means only two days of dealing with the crap that is my job. I really need a better job. *sigh*

I have a midterm tomorrow. It's in my logic class, which I've been doing pretty well in. And we just found out it's open notes and open book. How COOL is that!? Of course, I have an exam in my english class on friday, and I'm not sure what that will be like. If it's like the quizzes, I'll be happy, since those are really straightforward. Next wednesday I have a midterm in my history class, and I have no real idea what that will be like. I also have to seriously start working on my research paper for that class. Gods, I've been so slack ass ...

Speaking of slack ass ... *ahem*
I have about twenty minutes 'till my next class. I love that I scheduled an hour break between all my classes. I have GOT to remember to always do this in the future. I wish I could also arrange to never work on days I have class, but I doubt that's likely to work out too well. Drat. Oh well.

Hmm. Guess I've got enough time to check my mail ...
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Only my father could reduce an update on grandpa to two sentences on the answering maching. "He had the quadruple bypass. He's fine and he'll be in the hospital for five days." *hey, i thought it was supposed to be a triple, not a quad!*

That's it. Only dad. *mutter*


Apr. 19th, 2004 11:46 am
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So, provided there weren't any surprises, grandpa should be in surgery right now. Dad said he was going to take the day off of work. I'm glad I don't work tonight, but I almost wish I could skip classes today. On the other hand, if I did skip classes today, all I'd do is sit around a worry, so I might as well get my learn on. So to speak.

I've been doing well in my classes. Acing my quizes in english class. Got an 80 and a 100 on my two quizes in history. Keeping up with logic class really well. Falling a little behind on my reading for history, need to catch up tonight. No class friday, some teacher developement day. No logic class wednesday, philosophy department meeting. So far so good. Next friday we have an exam in english class. We've moved from Inanna to Gilgamesh. Interesting how some of the names changed. *shrug*

Dad's thinking about getting into some sort of work at the FAA ... or whatever it is they call it now. Might end up getting some sort of air conditioning license, so he could add that skill to his list. He'd love to leave all the shit that's been going on over at the nadep. Although, if he ends up doing he kind of traveling that Bill does, he might end up giving away his cat, or something. Of course, I still say he needs to get rid of a few of the dead cars that he's been collecting in his yard. He's even thinking of getting a motorcycle to go back and forth to work. He still needs to fix the mustang and the ranger. And he's still having issues with the big bronco. That man just has too many cars, not enough of them working, and not enough time to fix them all. Crazy man.

I just realized that I don't even know if dad ever got in touch with the [livejournal.com profile] kidra yesterday. That would be rather typical, wouldn't it? *sigh* Maybe the [livejournal.com profile] bitemenavy had a chance to mention it to her. Bleh. Only in my family is this an actual worry.


Apr. 18th, 2004 05:17 pm
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My grandpa is having surgery tomorrow, 7am. Triple bypass ... supposed to be done around 1pm. Dear gods, that's a hell of a surgery. Apparently after having an "episode" shortly after moving and being in the hospital for a few days, he had another trip to the hospital. All the tests got done, and they're doing the surgery "right effin now!" So to speak. Apparently the surgeon usually likes to wait six weeks, but doesn't think grandpa would make it that long. Very scary.


Nov. 27th, 2003 02:59 pm
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I just found out that Debbie, one of the younger cousins, is getting married in september. Um, wow! Now I have to make plans for going down to california next year. Oiy. Be nice to go down for something that's not an impending disaster though. Really nice not to go for a funeral. Holy cow ...
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Okay. Hmm. We're in the seattle area now. Have been for about a week. Woohoo! We've been staying with my married friends, so at least it's not been a drain on the money. We move into an apartment just a few minutes away on ... tuesday. We get cable tv/internet on wednesday. Says alot about the priorities, doesn't it? *cough*

The trip was uneventful. We stopped at mall of america for a few hours. The plan was to spend most of an evening, but that got fubared by [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's sister. Had a complete fit over us leaving without "saying goodbye" before we left. Nevermind that we spent a whole extra friggin' week there. *sigh* There was much melodrama. Which, by the way, his mother seems to thrive on, somehow. But that's another story.

Let's see. What else? Oh, [livejournal.com profile] amoryl has secured a job here with the company he worked for in st. louis. He's not thrilled with it, but it's guarenteed. Pays a little less, better schedule, virtually guarenteed overtime. *shrug* He says he'll get a second job too. I think he's a workaholic ... wonder if I should worry?

I still have to get a job. I've picked up a few applications. Thinking about the bank around the corner from the apartment, or the grocery store right next door. We'll have to see how that works out. Have to assault somebody at my old high school to make sure the transcripts actually get sent this time.

Speaking of my old school ... I heard that my aunt is retiring at the end of the year, which is a few weeks. Kind of surprised. But I guess district administration has been edging out all the older and/or more experienced (read that as better paid) people to make room in the budget for their pay raises. *shrug* So she decided on retirement instead. Might be getting a "buy out" of some form too. Not sure on that part though.

Melodrama with the [livejournal.com profile] kidra and the [livejournal.com profile] bitemenavy who do, after all, happen to be the sister and the brother-in-law. Drama, drama ... everywhere. I just need a job, and all should be good for a while. Although if I don't get into college again, I may have to seriously rethink my plan. *sigh* Oh well, guess I'll stay positive for now.

Such is my life at the moment.


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