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... and welcoming the new one!

And 2010 is already looking to be better than 2009. I'm in grad school, [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's job is going much better here, we're living in our own place again after nearly a year, and once we get spring semester's funding we should be in good enough shape financially to start turning this apartment into an actual place to live. We still need to get the rest of our stuff dealt with though. After the first shipment of the tv and the xbox, which we paid for, there's only been one box sent out to us. If there had been an outright statement that people didn't want to and/or couldn't afford to ship out the occasional box of stuff, I'd have had some different fuckin' priorities when dealing with packing up. But we were told that if we set a box aside to get sent out, we'd get it eventually. That was in october, and now we're still looking at the same 5 DVDs and the I'm staring at the same handful of jewelry and the same complete absence of any actual personality in the apartment and I'm still missing at least 75% of my old textbooks. And none of my leisure books. I'd be bitter, but it's just not worth the energy. But I swear to the gods, if I have to wait on everything until spring break, I'm gonna start busting heads.

So, no more dealing with his sister = good. Having 10% of our stuff = suck. Living in our own place again = good. Grad school = good. Better job for the SO = good. About to get the next semester of funding = good. Still have to sort/ship stuff over spring break = meh. So ... yeah, 2010 is already looking a damn sight better than 2009. And in honor of this, I give you (if you want it) a new Icon of Glee!

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So, we're back in waukegan for the weekend to pick up the kitties and deal with moving our stuff. Only the moving our stuff part may have to wait a while, since we're lower on funds than we were hoping. *bleh* So now we get to think about what we really need/want to get back to california and how best to do that. Not being able to ship our stuff now means that we'll have to really think about what to do about the rest of the stuff that can't come back with us right now. If we're going to have to basically replace some things, that means we may make another trip out this way for spring break so we can really go through the stuff that'll be staying here. I don't really know quite how this is going to work yet.

And the family drama started before we even got off the damn plane! We talked to Tim's sister before we got on the plane in SF, and everything sounded fine, but when we landed and turned our phones back on he get's a text saying that we have to take a taxi because they can't get out to the airport in time to get us. Something about car snafus and schedule issues and all that junk. So we call Tim's friend to come get us, and when we call his mom to let her know the time frame, all his sister can say is "why didn't you just take a taxi?"

The other drama involves cat carriers. Who knew it would be such a pain in the ass to get carriers that are the right size to fit under the airplane seats. Oi Vey. Seriously, we've been to 4 or 5 different places looking for the right dimensions and we finally ended up getting two soft-cover carriers that should fit with a little squishing. At least we got them for $20 each at target instead of $35 at petsmart.

And finally, my laptop is going completely insane. It's been chewing up my battery, for one thing. I barely get through my 3 hour wednesday class, and to do that I have to have it plugged in for the 1.5 hour class that finishes up half an hour before. And then thursday night, it completely lost it's mind. Suddenly, when I sign on under my school account, it seems to think that i don't have enough privileges to access the account. It seems to have lost all the proper settings for the account and can't seem show me the finder or any hard-drives. It has completely lost it's mind, I swear. Luckily I was able to access all my school files through my regular account and back up all my recently added files, but i'm going to have to completely wipe my hard-drive and reinstall everything. Bleh, seriously, bleh.

So, yeah, the last few days haven't exactly been the best of times. *sigh* But at least it should be getting better pretty soon. I think.
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So on wednesday Tim and I are heading out to california for an "errands" visit. He gets to stay for a week and have an informal interview with his soon-to-be boss. I get to stay for two weeks, since I'm not doing much this summer, and deal with stuff for SF State. We hope to do some looking around for housing before Tim leaves, but I'll probably be doing that mostly by myself-ish. My cousin just bought a place in Berkeley, and looking at some of the prices on homes/condos makes me wish we had enough money to buy. Because right now prices are actually half-decent in some areas and, realistically, I don't know that we'll be able to afford anything when the real estate market out there recovers. *sigh* Oh well, I guess.

It looks like I'll probably be getting a new cell phone while I'm visiting, since we're making the move in the beginning of august. I'd only be back in waukegan for a few weeks, three tops, before leaving again, so it seems like a good thing to do. Plus, it might help the apartment hunting process if I have phone number that's recognizable as local. Hopefully I'll be able to get in some long overdue visits with friends and family while I'm out there too.

And then, the move will happen. Thank gods! Seriously, I am SO ready to be done with the midwest. And definitely ready to be done dealing with Tim's family. Well, his sister mostly, but dear gods, what a co-dependent bunch. I know my family is basically on the opposite end of the weird spectrum, but seriously, I do NOT know how to deal with all this "family togetherness" of the "back the fuck off and stop trying to control me you manipulative brat" variety. The dearth of privacy has been getting to me. Oi.


Sep. 17th, 2007 01:31 pm
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So friday we found out that the house we're living in has been foreclosed. Everything is up in the air now. We don't know how long we have before we get notice that we have to leave. We don't know how long we'll have to find a new place. We don't know what's coming next. We may even have to live with [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's mother for a month. I say "Wah!"

I'm hoping that maybe we can find something a bit more affordable. Not that we're dealing with anything outrageous right now, but it seems like we're often living paycheck to paycheck. And I think a good chunk of that is from thinking that what [livejournal.com profile] amoryl was making in Seattle would match up pretty closely out here. Not so much, unfortunately. I think that, were this not the area he grew up in, he'd be pretty resentful about making about half what he was before. Since this whole Chicago thing was his choice, however, he's dealing fairly well.

Of course, grad school could toss an entirely new batch of issues into the mix. There's only one grad program in the area that's really geared to my field of interest. There IS a master's program in the vicinity that's somewhat related, but not ideal. So the odds of staying in the area for grad school are ... not exactly great. Which his mother apparently didn't realize until recently. He mentioned something about a conversation with her when there was some mention of the grad school thing ... and her reaction seems to have been "you mean you're not here forever?" Arg.

Nevermind that I miss MY home state, MY extended family, MY familiar surroundings. We moved here, of course that MUST be the final decision. I swear, sometimes his family drives me up the wall. They're so ... clingy and needy and ... a bit presumptuous. They kind of freak me out.

In other news, school is going well. I have a midterm coming up ... next week? And then another one the first week of october. I still need to buy plane tickets for our California trip over winter break. I'd like to make a trip out to florida in october to visit my dad and my sister, but that'll depend on money and timing. All this uncertainty is stressing me out.
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Yeah. [livejournal.com profile] amoryl has a loud family. The nieces have no concept of "inside voice" or, really, table manners. The oldest still eats with her fingers the majority of the time. She's six years old. Let me repeat that. She's SIX YEARS OLD! The girls pick at their food and play at the table. Or rather, they get out of their chairs and play RIGHT NEXT TO the table. They run back and forth through the kitchen while people are trying to perform after-dinner-clean-up. And the screeching ... dear GODS! The Screeching!

In fairness, their parents aren't really big on inside voice or manners themselves. Or rather, their mother has no inside voice and their father makes seriously crude innuendos in totally innapropriate situations. And they're both ... hippie wannabes. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that their children are completely ill-mannered wild beasts. I swear though, I feel like my brain starts bleeding after about ... twenty minutes around those two.

I never realized how ... quiet my family is. I mean, I know dad's side of the family was always very much about being properly behaved. Grammar correction, enforcement of table manners, requirement of inside voice ... that's just how it worked at grandma & grandpa's house. No ifs, ands or buts about it. If the kids were done eating, we asked to be excused and left the dining area. We didn't go far, but we weren't standing next to the table being loud and obnoxious. Then when it was time for desert we'd go back to the table. And then we leave again while the grown-ups had some coffee.

Even my moms side of the family, which tended to be a bit rowdier than dad's side, was less painful. Maybe it's just because the house was bigger ... and all the cousins went off to one corner and left the adults in another. But if it got too loud, people said so. We were not allowed to just ... run rampant. And table manners were required! Not with the same level of ... decorum as dad's side of the family, but this gathering was about ... 3 times the size.

Every time we do one of these horrendous endeavors I really miss MY family. They're quieter.


Mar. 14th, 2005 04:46 pm
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So, I have another hour or so till my next class. I spent much of my afternoon getting my paperwork filed for graduation. At least that's done with. Unfortunately, it looks like I WILL be taking math after all. Unless they decide to offer more agreable science courses this summer. *sigh* Since I don't particularly want to take biology, chemistry, or physics ... particularly not as lab classes, and I'm not really feeling much like astronomy either ... *shrug* Maybe they'll decide to offer something more interesting. Something that isn't a lab class. But otherwise ... precalculus. Bleh. But at least I'll be done with all the stupid shite. No more fracking classes that I don't need for my major. No more looking for some damn class to fill a whole in my requirements. No more "this will give me science/humanities/socsci/writting/math credits to fulfill xyz" ... makes my head hurt just thinking back on it. I'm really hoping they decide to offer something better though. I really don't want to take math. *sigh*

In other news ... this is the last week of winter quarter. Then I have a final next monday, then on wednesday ... off to chicago, in the middle of the night. Hehe. Keeps the amount of time actually spent around [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's family down to something more manageable. Arrive thursday at 5am ... leave on tuesday at noon. Wednesday doesn't count ... thursday through monday, and then leave on tuesday. Five days, instead of seven. Better. Too bad easter is in there though. I can just see his family being all .... mushy. Or something. Not that I'm particularly looking forward to this trip anyway. *shrug* I'm really hoping to avoid time alone with his sister ... *sigh* Somehow, I get the feeling this spring break is going to be ... not quite a vacation. Drat the man and his whole family togetherness crap. Eh.

And that's basically my life right now. Isn't it ... boring?

xmas ...

Dec. 25th, 2004 11:42 pm
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So, [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's mother sent us a buttload of presents for xmas. A jacket for ... whoever wants it, really. A mix for Chai Lattes, which he likes, so he gets that. A spice collection ... don't ask ME why. A couple of candle sets that'll be good for the holidays next year. She sent me a really ... girly/flowery/pink journal. And a set of ... I don't know ... bathroom stuff? ... that's also ubber girly. I find myself wondering what the hell I'll do with those, and if she somehow confused me with someone else. You know ... a girl?

Granted, I actually have something of an idea for the journal ... but what the fuck with all the girly shit? I mean, I know I bought boots, a purse and a necklace with the money she sent me, but ... I'm just not that girly.

Apparently [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's sister asked when he's going to propose. Or something. We'll ignore, for the moment, that she's been with Fred for six or seven years, has two children with him, and still shows no sign of actually getting married. Somehow, it's okay for her to stick her nose into our plans. Besides, where does she get off telling him what to do with his life anyway?

*sigh* Whatever. Although, I must say, I'm utterly flabbergasted by how much money his mother must have spent on xmas this year. And this is normal? The hell?

blah ...

Feb. 29th, 2004 10:57 pm
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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won all the awards they were nominated for, including best picture. Maybe this means people will make more fantasy movies. Although ... none of the actors got nominated ... *shrug*

Tim just got home from finishing up his last night of work. He is officially through with dealing with the uber bitch of doom. His mom is coming to visit on wednesday. He gets to register for classes thursday. And then he starts up classes next monday. He'll only be going part-time, since financial aid will only come up for that much. But he'll be able to do work-study and take two classes. Good deal, I think.

I get to register for spring quarter classes next monday. Need to remind grandpa about that ...
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Okay. Hmm. We're in the seattle area now. Have been for about a week. Woohoo! We've been staying with my married friends, so at least it's not been a drain on the money. We move into an apartment just a few minutes away on ... tuesday. We get cable tv/internet on wednesday. Says alot about the priorities, doesn't it? *cough*

The trip was uneventful. We stopped at mall of america for a few hours. The plan was to spend most of an evening, but that got fubared by [livejournal.com profile] amoryl's sister. Had a complete fit over us leaving without "saying goodbye" before we left. Nevermind that we spent a whole extra friggin' week there. *sigh* There was much melodrama. Which, by the way, his mother seems to thrive on, somehow. But that's another story.

Let's see. What else? Oh, [livejournal.com profile] amoryl has secured a job here with the company he worked for in st. louis. He's not thrilled with it, but it's guarenteed. Pays a little less, better schedule, virtually guarenteed overtime. *shrug* He says he'll get a second job too. I think he's a workaholic ... wonder if I should worry?

I still have to get a job. I've picked up a few applications. Thinking about the bank around the corner from the apartment, or the grocery store right next door. We'll have to see how that works out. Have to assault somebody at my old high school to make sure the transcripts actually get sent this time.

Speaking of my old school ... I heard that my aunt is retiring at the end of the year, which is a few weeks. Kind of surprised. But I guess district administration has been edging out all the older and/or more experienced (read that as better paid) people to make room in the budget for their pay raises. *shrug* So she decided on retirement instead. Might be getting a "buy out" of some form too. Not sure on that part though.

Melodrama with the [livejournal.com profile] kidra and the [livejournal.com profile] bitemenavy who do, after all, happen to be the sister and the brother-in-law. Drama, drama ... everywhere. I just need a job, and all should be good for a while. Although if I don't get into college again, I may have to seriously rethink my plan. *sigh* Oh well, guess I'll stay positive for now.

Such is my life at the moment.


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