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So, nearly a year after passing the Latin exam, I still haven't finished my thesis. Meaning I still haven't finished my degree. But I think that I have, in fact, decided to skip going for a PhD and move on to other options. I'll be looking into my options for teaching Latin or teaching Greek & Roman literature at the junior college level. I may also look into Teach for America as a way into teaching. Because, really, the fact that teaching days could cheer me up from the funktastic funk of Plato should be a big clue about where I can do well.

I still need to look for a job where I am right now. And Istill need to finish my thesis and get the degree. It'd be a hell of a waste of time and money to not finish when I'm this close. I alsoneed to look closely at where I want to end up in the country. Odds are not good for teaching here in CA. And I'd like to at least entertain the dream of buying a house someday. Seattle would be a fantastic option, but it's another area where Latin maynot be in much demand. I should probably talk to folk I know who've gotten teaching jobs for some tips.

Hopefully, now that I've basically made the decision, I'll be more able to get something done. Sometimes overthinking things just means being paralyzed with indecision. This has definitely been one of those times. For entirely too long now. Sigh.
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So, last semester was terrible. The only thing I enjoyed was being TA for the baby Latin class. The ONLY thing. The class I was taking, a seminar on Plato, made me absolutely crazy and miserable. I suck at Greek. The Greek alphabet is something my dyslexic brain hates with a fiery passion. My brain refuses, categorically, to recognize it as language. I've kept taking Greek classes because they're pretty much required for Classics, and also because I'm clearly insane. I also hate philosophy. It makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a spork. And that's when I'm reading it in English. This class meant reading it in fucking Greek. And reading about philosophy, and philosophical bullshittery that I don't give a shit about, for a whole semester. It made me crazy.

Like, 2.5 months of my summer spent killing things in Diablo 3 instead of doing anything remotely productive kind of crazy. Like so stressed out I wanted cigarettes with a fierceness that was, quite frankly, completely bonkers. Especially since I've never smoked in my life. Guess I can thank mom smoking all my life for that particular craving. Crazy like, if not for teaching days, I'm pretty sure I'd have chucked it all in the bin and spent the rest of my life doing something-the-fuck-else.

I have a Latin MA exam tomorrow, and I can't be arsed to care. I need to write my thesis, and I barely have any fucks to give about it. If I fail the Latin exam (again, bleh) I'm not even sure I'd be allowed to take it again. And I just don't care. If I can just finish this damn degree, I think I may need to ... reassess my life. Again.

I can teach Latin. Hell, I enjoy it. With the master's, I can look into teaching at the junior college level. And be done with this "taking classes I don't care about because it's the next hoop I need to jump through" just to get to the next set of hoops.

I'm feeling like I need to be done with the bullshit. And the poverty of student life. I'm tired of being too busy and/or poor to actually do anything fun. I'm tired of having no social life outside of school. I'm sick to death of being so wrapped up in school that everything else is swallowed up. I wanna do steampunk stuff, and go to wacky ren fairs, and go find a gay bar, and maybe flirt with pretty girls, and read books for fun whenever the fuck I want to (instead of just during breaks between semesters), and ... I don't know ... do stuff.

Gods, color me a whiny bitch right now. One shit semester ....
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I've definitely been wasting it. I wanted to get stuff done, but I've been so stressed out the last couple of months, that I just don't have it in me to be terribly productive. It doesn't help that at this point I'm feeling like I'm not getting into a PhD program this year. Kind of takes away all sense of urgency to get things done by the end of the semester. Although, when I finish the Plato class (long story that makes my brain cry tears of rage) I'm pretty sure I'll be setting all things Greek from this course on fucking fire. Part of the reason I can't get much done is because I spend so much time working on the damn Greek. One thing I know for sure, if I don't get into a PhD program this year, I'll be reapplying, but to an entirely different set of programs. With no more Greek. I just don't have what it takes to deal with Greek at the graduate level. My dyslexic brain still refuses to recognize the Greek alphabet as language, which is a real problem for graduate level work.

So that means working for a year or so. Not quite sure what to do with that. Don't know how much need there really is for Latin teachers in the local area. And moving to teach high school Latin is ... problematic. It's an expensive prospect, and I don't think I'm ready to commit to that just yet. Mostly because I know that I DO want to reapply next year. Which is harder to do if we've just blown a significant amount of money on moving. Also, loan repayment becomes a factor. Which I'm trying not to think about too much, because holy damn, do I have me some loans.

At this point, I think I'll count myself lucky if I passed the Latin exam (took it last week) and can get out of the Plato class with a good enough grade to use on my graduation stuff. Which I should be able to do. The actual Greek only accounts for about 1/4 of the grade, and that's the only part that I'm struggling with. Writing my damn thesis though ... *sigh*

If all else fails, I can work on it over summer and fall (yay for having a "grace" semester on that angle) and officially graduate in the fall. Then it'll just be a matter of sorting out PhD or long term job options.

Have I mentioned lately that I kind of hate my whole damn life this semester? Thank gods for a boyfriend with the presence of mind to keep me well stocked in chocolate covered espresso beans!
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So, this plan of continuing grad school is not going very well. I applied to 6 programs. So far, I have 3 official rejections, 1 unofficial rejection, 1 "who the fuck knows but it's not looking great" and 1 "they like to wait until April."

I was really hoping to have some sort of good news by now. I can't plan anything while this is in limbo. And I have an obsessive/compulsive need to plan. Once I'm not in school for something like 6 months, I have to start making loan repayments. I'll need to get a job, preferably one that actually pays fairly well. Granted, I'll have my master's fairly soonish, but ... this was not the plan. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to get into teaching Latin. (My half-formed backup plan, teach Latin in a private school.)

So, my mood is crap. Except on days when I'm teaching the baby Latin class. Then I feel better about myself and my life. At this point, maybe I should be taking that as a sign. *sigh* But I wanna dig stuff and study things that get dug up! *pout*

Here's hoping for some good news. Preferably soon.
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It's been a hard three weeks. I didn't expect that getting a rejection would be something of a relief compared to a whole lot of nothing. At least Cornell was kind enough to send out rejections at the same time as their acceptances. There's nothing like obsessively checking GradCafe's result survey and seeing programs you've applied to start trickeling out acceptances, and NOT getting anything in your email. At this point, I'm presuming that three more schools are probably silent rejections. Which means I'm pinning my hopes on two programs and feeling really fucking antsy over it all.

If I have to do this shit again for 2013, I think I'm going for straight up archaeology programs with strong classical archaeology specialties. If I'm going to be out in the world for a year, I'm not doing any damn greek and I won't want to be required to pick it up again.

By the way, philosophy in general and Plato in particular? They should die in a fire. It must be arranged.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 12:07 pm
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I just got my first rejection email. Wow. That was ... fast ... disappointing ... a downer ... ugh. Meh. Five more chances ...?
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So ... I just payed the fee for my last PhD program application. Once this last packet goes in the mail, it is officially out of my hands.

I'm scarred. Hold me?


Jan. 3rd, 2012 04:33 pm
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It's a new year, and I have no resolutions. I'm too busy with other stuff. Like being sick as hell. Seriously, I finished up every last thing that was due for the semester, and the next morning I was coming down with a damn cold. And it has been kicking my ass ever since. I basically spent yesterday asleep. Blarg.

In other news, I've completed 4 out of 6 PhD applications. I have 1 more due on thursday, and the last one is due in about a week and a half. And, of course, we're short on money again. Blarg. I just keep telling myself that I'll get accepted somewhere that will give me copious amounts of money, making it all worthwhile. Even if it means I have to leave the state again. Which, if I get into a program, I have to leave the state. Because Berkeley was no good for me, and Stanford gets so many applicants that it's out of reach. And I can't live in LA, so that leaves out of state. Blarg.

But I'm almost done with the Master's and, if all else fails, I can teach Latin at a private school and be ok. I'd prefer to go the PhD route, but I'm getting really tired of poor, so ... we'll see what happens.
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I've been working on details for upcoming phd applications, as you've no doubt noticed. I've posted the current draft of my statement of purpose in my academic blog for review and comment by, well, pretty much anybody who's interested. I'd really appreciate the feedback. Because the last thing I want is to look like a complete brain case during the application process. Anywho, go take a look?

In other news, I've decided to go for a vaguely steampunk look for the days when I'm teaching the latin class. This basically means nice pants, a button up shirt, and a proper vest. Plus I'm hoping to either score a pocket watch or fix up one of my pre-existing pendant watches as a girl version pocket watch. I'm also adopting an up-do as my default hairstyle. Which just makes me question why I ever cut my hair in the first place. Ah, the joys of hair frustration. I've clearly spent too much of my life trying to emulate hairstyles of the "straight and silky" which just ... never manage to translate on my hair. Not with my level of hair fail, anyway. Now, I just need to find some vaguely steampunk style boots to finish it off, and I'd be a happy girl. For a little while anyway.

Until I have to start paying for transcripts and applications and trips to the AIA conference in Philadelphia and computers and ... *sigh*
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So it turns out, unsurprisingly, that I'm a crazy person. The GRE scores I was so worried about are, in fact, perfectly respectable. My 670 verbal score is the 95th percentile, my 680 math score is the 66th percentile (pretty good for somebody who's not in math, engineering, or the hard sciences!), and my writing score came in at a 4.5, which is the 67th percentile. That one bothers me a bit, but not enough to try going through that crap again. Especially since nobody really knows what phd programs actually do with that score.

And I've decided to go with six phd applications, for sanity and monetary reasons. These are:

Stanford, classics, archaeology track.
Brown, Joukowsky institute, classical.archaeology.
Cornell, classics, archaeology track.
UT Austin, classics, archaeology track.
Johns Hopkins, interdepartmental program, classical archaeology.
Boston U, archaeology, old world classical period.

I decided NOT to apply to Berkeley's AHMA group, because the description just gave me a really bad feeling. I'm learning to trust these feelings, because the last thing I want is to be in a phd program that I'm not a good fit for. Dealing with that at the masters level, even at my relatively well prepared level, has been enough to show me that it's just not worth it. If I'm frustrated with an unbalanced program now, it'd drive me batshit bonkers at the phd level. And I've seen how the wrong program can really gut-punch somebody who's a bad fit, even if they ARE quite bright, dedicated, and knowledgable. So, no Berkeley for me. Which is ... a weird feeling. A SF bay area native, NOT keen on Berkeley? It's just not right!

In other news, I got to meet my new favorite author at a book signing recently. I'm pleased to report that Gail Carriger (look, she's on LJ! [livejournal.com profile] gailcarriger) is as fabulous in person as her books would have you hope! Everyone should give her Parasol Protectorate series a try, for it is funny and steampunky and gloriously fun. Start with Soulless, but without reading the blurbs on the back of her other books, otherwise you'll definitely spoil the ending. That kind of goes for the whole series, actually. Anyway, go read her books!

And for any of you following my academics journal [livejournal.com profile] lux_in_senio , I apologize for the repetition today.
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Well, phd programs, anyway. I've been spending the first month or so of my summer break gearing up for the GRE and narrowing down the list of.programs I want to apply to. I took the damn test on Friday, and I'm paranoid about my scores. I got a 670 verbal and a 680 math, with the score for the writing portion still to come. I'm worried the scores won't be good enough for the programs I want to apply to, but since I have no sense of where those score are in terms of percentile, and no real sense of the sorts of scores the programs I'm interested in are looking for, it's nearly impossible to judge how I really did. They might be really good scores, they might be mediocre. Or maybe one is food and one is mediocre. I keep dearng how people usually do SO much better on the math section. I was stunned to do so well, actually. Given my practice tests, I was expecting to score more in the 580-600 range. Of course, I was also hoping to do a bit better on the verbal, so maybe that's my issue. And of house I have no idea how I'll score on the written section. I feel pretty confident in my writing skills, but it bothers me to not know for another week. Eh. Nobody knows how much phd programs look at the written section anyway.

I've narrowed it down to 6-7 programs. Stanford, classics, archaeology track. Brown, Joukowsky institute, classical.archaeology. Cornell, classics, archaeology track. UT Austin, classics, archaeology track. Johns Hopkins, interdepartmental program, classical archaeology. Boston U, archaeology, old world classical period. And Berkeley, interdepartmental program, ancient history and mediterranean archaeology. I haven't made up my mind about applying to Berkeley yet. I have some serious questions and concerns that need to be addressed first. The amount of money involved in applying to head schools is seriously daunting. Between application fees, transcripts costs, the gre and eventual postage costs, I'm looking at around $1000 for the 7 programs. I don't know how some people can afford to apply to as many schools as the do. Granted they probably don't have as many transcripts to deal with, but seriously ... expensive.

Now I need to start reading Latin for the ancient language exam in the fall, start working on a generic statement of purpose that can be tailored to individual programs, and finish an overdue paper. Oh boy.

Oh yeah, I should also get a job. I hate being broke. Sigh.
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Hmph. I guess they weren't "saved" or whatever. Of course, I thought the book of revelation was full of shit even when I was still xian, so it's not like it had any worse to get in my eyes. *shrug* Whatever.

Also, I'm officially on summer break now. Still waiting for grades though, since finals were last week. I'm giving myself about a week, and then it's time to study for the GRE. Which I take in five weeks. Bleh. After that, it'll be time to read a lot of Latin for the ancient language exam in the fall. Luckily, the reading list just got cut, by almost half. Which is really just an acknowledgement that the reading list was insane. Seriously, this is an MA program, and I've seen PhD programs with shorter reading lists. And I am NOT exaggerating that.  

And I have a project to finish from fall semester, so I can get an incomplete changed. I'll also be deciding which PhD programs to apply to. And working on a generic (ie, not program specific) statement of purpose so that when it comes time to apply, I can just make program-specific changes and not worry about it too much. I also need to think about really nailing down my thesis topic. I've got a direction, at this point, but it'd be good to have a bit more structure to the idea. I should be able to take Pithos credits next semester, making it two classes instead of three, for the work I did on Pithos this semester. By the time it got rolling this semester, it was too late to add the credits, but there was only two of us working on it. So, if that still works out, I should have time next semester to work on PhD applications and Thesis research. Then in the spring I'll take Pithos credits, thesis credits, and a literature seminar, and I should be set. I almost can't believe how little classwork I actually need to do next year. It's ... weird.

I should also get a job this summer. *sigh* Lots to do. Lots to do. Seriously, lots to do.
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I'm less busy than, say, last spring. Possibly less busy than last semester, at least at the back half. Still busy though. Two translation classes will do that to a girl. Also, just to bitch again, why isn't there a decent android app for livejournal? Bleh.

Still don't have much of a life, but I did just acquire a new bed/mattress. Filled with squishy goodness and storage underneath! I love IKEA ...

Also did a fairly sizable wardrobe update. It really becomes a thing when you're getting smaller than some of your clothes. Size seems to vary depending on what, precisely, I'm looking for. Damn clothes designers. Whatever.

Still need to get an updated driver's license, apply for a passport, and deal with an upcoming health issue. Damn temporary birth control. I swear, if I could just take out my uterus, I think I'd be a happy camper. Oh well.

And now, back to that homework I'm avoiding, er, taking a break from.


Dec. 12th, 2010 08:28 pm
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 Holy Gods, it's been ages since I looked here. They really need a workable mobile site or an android app. It's the only way I do non-school online stuff these days. I'm. So. Busy!

Semesters done soon though. Real update then.
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So, let's see. The semester started last week. So now the busy begins again. I was in the Chicago area the week before that. Where I lost a day and a half to the damn stomach flu. Put a serious crimp in our plans. Hmm. Got a new cell phone. I has pretty, Droid Incredible now. It is pretty, and I shall love, and pet it, and call it George. *ahem* I look forward to getting a bookshelf/desk this weekend, and finally having a proper work space again. Somewhere over the summer, my stuff hit critical mass and exploded all over my desk in random, cluttertastic ways. It's horrible. We probably won't be moving out of our sort of crappy apartment until next semester. We had things to take care of this time around that had been put off too long, and that ate money. Hate how fast that sometimes happens. Sadly, that's about as interesting as my life gets, these days.

And now, to finish off this durn thing ...

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
It's a toss up between "What Not to Wear" and "Say Yes to the Dress," both of which are on TLC. I guess I'm hoping for inspiration from the first, and sighing over the wedding I may never have during the second. *shrug* Who can figure?

Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Well, there's really only two that I've really watched. Shogun (think back, it was the 80's) and Sci-Fi's rendition of Dune. I think I may still like Shogun more.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Hmm. I'm definitely a fan of the original title sequences for Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis. After they chopped them though, ugh. So I think I'll go with Chuck. It just makes me giggle.

Day 19 - Best TV show cast
Uh ... that's a hard one. I think I'll have to go with Farscape on this one. Also another great opening sequence, redone several times for cast changes and/or series progression.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Old favorite, Crichton and Aeryn on Farscape ... somewhere along the line. It makes its way into the opening credits. It's a great kiss. New favorite, Carter and Allison on Eureka, 1st episode of season 4. They're back in the 1940's, they're not sure they're both going to get back, and he finally goes for it. And then in the third to last episode of the season (already? damn!) they finally get it together in the present. Good times.

Day 21 - Favorite ship
As in ... vessel? That sort of leaves out a lot of shows ... that'd be Moia on Farscape, hands down. I mean, she's a living ship, and she looks after her folk, in a strange way. But I'm guessing that's not what this one meant. All I can say there is that I don't really do "ship" much. I pretty much stick with canon. This hasn't always been the case, but I just don't have that much time/energy to invest in it these days. I'm boring. Sorry.

Day 22 - Favorite series finale
I think, pretty much, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Save the world, go to the mall?" Plus, Willow changes slayerdom, and such. Plus, it was an end that didn't involve Buffy dying. Again.

Day 23 - Most annoying character
What, ever? Francine Desmond, on The Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Seriously, that woman was annoying, petty, and downright mean. They manage to semi-redeem her over the course of the show, but that "annoying" thing never wears off.

Day 24 - Best quote
Wow. I SO don't have the time to dig through my brain and/or the Interwebs trying to figure out the best quote. There are so many to chose from. But if you ever watch Firefly, in the episode War Stories, be on the lookout for "I'll be in my bunk."

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Yeah. My life doesn't run this way. I watch it, or I don't. Sometimes I realize that I meant to watch something, but I never plan on it. Just doesn't happen.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
MASH. There were at least three or four good moments of WTF? going on there. I prefer to ignore it's existence, quite frankly.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Hmm. Old days, I'd have said Star Trek: Voyager. It set up a great first few seasons, which TPTB then managed to kill with Borg of Boobies. (No disrespect to the actress, I blame writers and producers and network execs, all the way.) These days ... goodness. There's Eureka's pilot, which sets up everything you really need to know about the town, and sets up most of the character dynamics for the first two-three seasons. There's Chuck, where the first episode basically gives you the flavor of the whole show and makes you root for the nerd. (Gotta love that!) And then there's Castle, where they basically just dive right in and make it all go "Oh My Gods This Show Is AWESOME!" (Or maybe that was just me?)

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Star Trek. Watched the original show with my dad as a kid. Started watching the Next Generation in ... gosh, had to be junior high? Started watching DS9 in high school. Started watching Voyager in college (mark 1, mind you). Tried to watch enterprise, but it just ... sucked. And now, thanks to Lucas ruining Star Wars forever for me, I don't think I'll ever watch the new Trek movie. I'd rather have my remaining childhood favorites unruined, thanks.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Eureka. Castle. White Collar. Chuck. (if i ever catch up. sigh.) Haven.

Day 30 - Saddest character death
Toss up. Joyce Summers, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Just when you think she's all better, bam. Dead. And holy shite, the fall-out.) Dr. Janet Fraser, on Stargate SG-1. (Cause you just don't see that one coming, and that was just ... awful.) Kim Anderson, on Eureka. (Minor recurring guest character, but Henry Deacon literally changed the world to save her once, and then Carter has to stop him from saving her because it will end the universe. Needless to say, the devastation behind this one is hard-core.) And finally, Lt. Col. Henry Blake, on MASH. (Just when you think he's going home, and everyone's been celebrating all episode, right at the end there's the bombshell telegram announcement from Radar while everyone's in surgery. It's evil I tell you, evil!)

And now, I'm done with this. Yeah, ok, it probably took longer than 30 days for me to finish the damn thing. My bad.

Remember the rest of the list? )
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So school starts up again in four weeks. I'm registered for classes, barring any last minute emails about poorly-communicated requirements and/or deadlines. I should finish wading through my German review in a few weeks, and then I get to work on a paper for an old class. Should never have gone the "incomplete" route ... time just gets away from you faster than could ever be imagined. *sigh* Books to buy, supplies to get, stuff to do. Same old back-to-school routine. Some things never change. And now, on to the fun part ...

Day 8: A show everyone should watch.

The West Wing

I don't pretend to imagine that the show is an accurate representation of politics in america, but it's a show that actually made it interesting. There are so many moments that really speak to the nature of democracy that it's hard to point to any particular episode as capturing the essence of the whole show. But it's OUR politics, and it's dirty, glorious, infuriating, inspiring, complicated, personal, and extremely human.

See the full list here. )


May. 27th, 2010 04:59 pm
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So, a couple of weeks ago we picked up a few dvds on sale. I wasn't able to watch them at the time, but now that I'm done for the semester, I've been catching up. Plus, I've got books I've been saving to read, just for fun. One down, one to re-read (it was one I already read a while back, but the sequel came out, so ...), and one nice new one to devour. I've definitely been overworked this semester, and now it's time to reclaim my downtime. Next semester shouldn't be so bad, I hope, since I'm sticking with three classes instead of four. Never again. But anyway, here's what I've been watching, or planning to watch, lately.

  1. We picked up the complete series "Space: Above & Beyond" and I've re-watched about ... half of it so far. It is simultaneously just as good as I remember it, and showing its age in surprising ways. Some of the episodes suffer from "brand-new-show" syndrome, which sort of figures. There seems to be a bit of inconsistency with dates and timeline, but that may be more about looking at it now and calling 'bullshit' on some of the technological advances in the plot architecture. Hard to know. Tim keeps teasing me for liking weird shit, but I think he's mostly kidding. He keeps watching it with me, at least. There seems to be a subplot running through the show that I didn't remember from all those years ago, and I find myself wishing the show had gone on so we could get more of a sense of where they intended to go with this. The special effects though ... they make me wonder how bad the latest incarnation of "Battlestar Galactica" is going to look in fifteen years. This show aired for one season (old style season, running from late september 95 till early june 96 ... not these new-fangled mini-seasons we seem to be getting these days) with all of 23 episodes, so clearly they never really got a lot of money for this show. But a lot of the space scenes are ... visually troubled. Kind of like seeing the old school effects on the original Star Trek from the 60's ... just 30 years better. 
  2. We also picked up both seasons of the show "Life" which was sadly cancelled in 09 with only 2 seasons. So far we've watched the first two episodes, and I'm reminded how awesome this show was. The concept of a cop who spent 12 years in prison and came out a changed man was totally interesting and new. I'll admit that I don't know why the show got the ax, but then I usually don't. I'm really looking forward to watching more of this show, till I've seen it all. And then I'll be sad that it's done, but what can you do?
  3. I've kept up with "Castle" as my one show on mondays that I take a break to watch. Hopefully, I'll be able to not only maintain my love for this show, but reintroduce some shows I've had to let drop to keep up with my crazy class schedule. Namely "Chuck" and "Burn Notice" which I have on dvr waiting for me. I'll probably start with "Burn Notice" since the next season is starting up next week. "Chuck" is going to take longer to catch up on, sadly. More episodes sitting on the dvr, more time till the next season. If only the cable hadn't gone wonky and shredded an episode early in the last season, I might have been able to keep up for longer, but once you skip one, it's just not as much fun anymore. The episode finally replayed at some point, so it's recorded for me too, but I kind of want to savor watching the show.

Thank goodness summer is here. Perfect excuse to watch more tv, read a few books, veg out a bit. And then tackle more school-related stuff in my off-time, of course. Gotta keep up, get ahead, prep for various exams ... all that fun stuff.
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Finals are done, semester is dead, first year of grad school is completed! Wootness!
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Professor Lovelock says we can't save the planet. 

When the guy who came up with the whole 'gaia theory' says it's already too late, that can really get a girl down. Cause, woah, I've read some of his stuff for a class once upon a time, and that dude is THE guy for climate change. It's an interesting article, but if you follow the link at the bottom and listen to the interview you get a grimmer picture and a much better sense of just how smart this guy is. And that creeping sense of 'we are SO screwed ..."

Maybe that last part is just me.
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So my funding for the spring semester came through. And, of course, [livejournal.com profile] amoryl is getting busy at work now that the rainy season is starting to make an appearance. Figures, doesn't it?

Anyway, with funding come the goodies we've been putting off for at least a couple of months. We attacked ikea and bought a nifty sofa/bed, two dressers, a set of knives, and some other bits. We'll probably make another trip sometime soon, start turning this place into a livable apartment.

I did some clothes shopping, picked up two pairs of pants, three tops, and two necklaces. Still need to get new bras, since the ones I have are in various states of death and/or disrepair. Next we finally get to give eachother xmas presents. Because we were too broke to do that this time last month.

Bought grandpa a book for his birthday. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" ... because I figured if he can read Harry Potter, westerns, and romance novels, maybe he WILL like it. Plus, the idea of giving him that book made me giggle.

And I still have one book to pick up for next semester. Also, there seems to be some serious billing issues going on ... I never did get charged for spring semester fees. Must get that taken care of BEFORE spending all the money!

Yep. Time to deal with stuffs and school and cruds. Woohoo!

Now, if only people would stop calling [livejournal.com profile] amoryl every 20-30 minutes starting at 8am, my day would have gone a lot better. Nothing like a noise induced migraine to ruin the day.
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